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November 2018

Duquesne Women's basketball
November 2018

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Men's Basketball » RMU » Today 10:15 am

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Competing for best in the City is irrelevant and is reminiscent  of the Duke's fan who, at an introductory session in AJP prior to the season with then new coach Jim Ferry wanted to know if we could beat Pitt. 

For Duquesne, beating Pitt is not the goal - winning the A10 and getting to the NCAA is.  For RMU, playing and beating Duquesne and/or Pitt should not be the goal either.  No one is clamoring for these games anymore and I agree with Towson above that it sounds like Pitt crying about PSU - move on. 

Men's Basketball » RMU » Today 9:42 am

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I dont care if we dont play them, there are plenty of fish in the sea.  Actually, few, if anyone cares.  Whats the average attendance for the last 5-10 times we played them, 1200?  
Also, making it sound like its some great loss is like a pitt fan crying about not playing PSU anymore.  They should be happy!  Those programs are miles apart.  At least DU v RMU are similar programs, but I still dont care.  

Lets move on already.

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