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William & Mary (H) - 5:00 PM 11/10 (Saturday-Palumbo)
UIC (DH) (H) - 8:00 PM 11/12 (Monday - Palumbo)

Duquesne Women's basketball
November 2018

Tuesday, Nov. 6 at TCU - 1 PM Fort Worth, TX
Thursday, Nov. 8 at Texas - 8 PM Austin, TX

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Men's Basketball » We're playing in Akron. » Yesterday 3:34 pm

330Fan wrote:

The LeBron James Arena at St. Vincents in Akron is a small but very nice gym by high school standards.  LeBron donated $1M towards it's creation.  LeBron did not play at his high school gym during his junior and senior years, all of their home games were played at Rhodes Arena on the campus of the University of Akron.  I can't provide a link since I haven't passed your stupid rules on this antiquated fan board.  Google "LeBron James Arena Matterport 3d" and use the pro2 link.

Thanks for the info, 330Fan.

Men's Basketball » KenPom 2018-19 » 10/20/2018 1:28 pm

KenPom has published its preseason rankings. Here’s a couple of snippets:
Dukes ranked #171 in country (#201 last year); #11th in the A-10 (11th last year)
Projected offensive efficiency at #161 (179th last year); defensive efficiency at #191 (236th last year)
Projected record: 15-16; 7-11 in A-10. Improved efficiency numbers but the about the same record due to a little tougher schedule.

Establishing a statistical model for this Duquesne team is really a crapshoot. Pomeroy uses historical data on individual players and the head coach to develop his baseline rankings. Having stats on only 3 returning players plus old stats from our 5 transfers provides limited insight into what to expect. Pomeroy does not consider freshman in his calculations unless they are a top 30 recruit.

These stats will change as games are played. We should certainly have a better idea by the end of November what we have in this year’s team.

As for our opener projection, the Dukes are winners 78-77.

Men's Basketball » We're playing in Akron. » 10/20/2018 10:41 am

Another smart move by the Dukes. Even if that Saturday game was played at Palumbo, there would be few students on campus since the Thanksgiving break starts the day before.

And I would guess that the Dukes would just continue west from Akron for their Tuesday Notre Dame game.

Men's Basketball » Best BBall job in A10 » 10/20/2018 10:35 am

I really don’t have a problem with any of this, because it was the truth. Past tense. That is why massive props should go to Dave Harper, Ken Gormley and the Board for making the commitment to “care” and landing Keith Dambrot.

And if I had to bet,  I would guess that head coach’s comment came from the far Midwest.

Men's Basketball » TV Games Added » 10/16/2018 12:31 pm

All home games.  Nice to see them try to market the product in this manner. The timing should be right; get as many eyeballs in the region looking at the improved team/talent to encourage ticket sales and other benefits.

Men's Basketball » 30 Years Old - AJ Palumbo Center » 10/13/2018 11:32 pm

Interesting to read the newspaper article and see the expectations for the Dukes having a home venue.  Alas...  Till now!

Men's Basketball » Season Ticket Delivery » 10/12/2018 11:49 am

Tejas_Duke wrote:

I wonder who's going to fly to Texas to deliver mine! 

I think Jim Ferry is still on the Duquesne payroll.

Duquesne Football » Coach Tomlin Supports Duquesne Football » 10/10/2018 9:46 pm

Thanks, Judge. Missed that. Another reason why I love this city and Duquesne.

Men's Basketball » Any Word on Exhibition Games or Secret Scrimages? » 10/10/2018 12:12 pm

townsonkid wrote:

If accurate, its good to get out on the road, even for meaningless, short trips.  Get the freshman a chance to do a road trip before the ND game.

Goodman has been very reliable over the past few years reporting on these “secret” scrimmages.

Men's Basketball » Any Word on Exhibition Games or Secret Scrimages? » 10/10/2018 3:29 am

HookShot wrote:


According to Jeff Goodman, we will travel to Canisius and St. Francis.

Nice info, HookShot. Looks like Coach wants this team to come out ready for the opener by going on the road for 2 closed D-1 scrimmages.

Duquesne Football » Terribly sad news » 10/05/2018 2:37 pm

Very sad indeed. I believe that Marquis was a teammate of Kellon Taylor at DeMatha and Duquesne. My condolences to his family and friends.

Men's Basketball » Any Word on Exhibition Games or Secret Scrimages? » 9/25/2018 4:46 pm

Just saw this...  The NCAA must be allowing these charity scrimmages again this year.

The West Virginia University men's basketball team will host a charity exhibition game against Penn State inside the WVU Coliseum on Saturday, Nov. 3. Proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross' hurricane relief efforts.

Men's Basketball » Any Word on Exhibition Games or Secret Scrimages? » 9/25/2018 2:07 pm

Only 46 days before the Dukes tip off their regular season vs. William and Mary.

Has anyone heard about any exhibition games vs D2/D3 or secret scrimmages vs D-1 that have been scheduled?  I haven't heard a peep so far.

Men's Basketball » Article in the PG today » 9/24/2018 3:48 pm

Thanks for the find, townsonkid.  Good article by Sarah.

Men's Basketball » RMU » 9/21/2018 3:47 pm

Brian wrote:

We didn't play Penn State last year, and I figured we wouldn't see them on the schedule for the near future. Yet, the series resumes at PPG this season after a one year hiatus and the previous meeting taking place in State College. RMU doesn't have an arena for the game this season. I don't think it is totally out of the question that they could play next year at the new Sewell (UPMC Events Center) and resume the series from there.

Brian, I don't think we will ever see Penn St. come into Palumbo.  But they do have a good reason to come into Pittsburgh with their huge alumni base and potential Western PA recruiting. They haven't played in Pittsburgh since the Dukes game in Nov 2015; they played Pitt at neutral sites the last two years.

Men's Basketball » RMU » 9/21/2018 11:59 am

RMU deserves all of the credit in the world for fielding a highly successful basketball program. Year in, year out, RMU competes at the top of their conference and makes regular post season appearances. The icing for them is that they have beat the snot out of the Dukes in recent years.

The Dukes deserved what they got. Over nearly 20 years, RMU had better coaches than the Dukes, excepting the Ron Everhart era (Schmidt/Rice/Toole > Nee/Ferry). RMU Admin placed a strategic emphasis on athletics, specifically basketball and hockey, to build brand image, enhance marketing and attract students. Duquesne did nothing of the sort. Until now.

The hiring of Harper/Dambrot, along with the commitment of President Gormley and the Admin places the Dukes in a massively improved situation. I totally understand the Dukes’ decision to dictate terms of the series; i.e. no games in Moon. Unfortunately, it’s the lay of the land in college basketball today; higher ranked conference teams rarely, if ever, play road games at lower conference schools. You’re not going to see a Power 5/Big East team coming into Palumbo. And you shouldn’t see an A10 school on the road vs. an NEC school, regardless of rivalry/geography/etc.

Duquesne has stepped up to be a big time basketball program. And the Dukes need to behave like one. And the final step will be to win like one.

Duquesne Football » Good News Bad News Odds vs Hawaii » 9/21/2018 3:36 am

levon1975, there have been no odds posted in Vegas or offshore for the Dukes-Hawaii contest as of early Friday morning. The Dukes are 0-3 vs the spread this year based on Vegas odds.

Men's Basketball » Another A10 preview. » 9/20/2018 10:15 am

Good find, duq81. Unlike many of the ‘prediction’ articles written, this one clearly had some knowledge and research behind it. It’s going to be an interesting year finding out what Dambrot can create out of all of these higher quality ingredients at his disposal.

Duquesne Football » Dukes favored by 18.5 against Valpo » 9/09/2018 10:39 am

Agreed, coffee; won’t cut it in the NEC. Are the Dukes under-achieving or are the early results showing what the Dukes are?

But, as they say, any win is a good win. And it’s nice to see AJ get back on track; appears that he is finally healthy. That solid running game should open up more of the passing game for Parr and company. It took until late in the 4th quarter, but clutch plays were made on both sides of the ball to take the lead and secure the win.

Thus, my money is on under-achieving so far. Beat the Flyers.

Men's Basketball » This just in... » 9/07/2018 9:30 am

From Twitter- Zachary Weiss
For all #DuqMBB fans, Craig Randall II will be going by Leonard Randall II from this point forward. It is worth mentioning moving forward. Last year, Rene Castro went by Rene Castro-Caneddy.


Men's Basketball » Kellon Taylor - New Article » 9/07/2018 9:22 am


Kellon quickly earned the trust of Coach Dambrot last year. His experience, rebounding and defense will continue to earn him minutes this coming year. Plus, he plays with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. With the increase in individual talent, he could be a key team glue guy this year.

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