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Sunday, Dec. 17 - North Carolina AT & T - Home/Palumbo - 12:30 PM
Tuesday, Dec. 19 - Lamar - Home/Palumbo - 7:00 PM
Friday, Dec. 22 - San Francisco - Away/Las Vegas - 8:30 PM
Saturday, Dec. 23 - S. Illinois - Away/Las Vegas - 8:30 PM

Duquesne Women's basketball

Dukes vs. Central Michigan: Home Game - Sun. Dec. 17 - Time: 2:30 PM/Palumbo
Dukes vs. The Mighty UConn Huskies: Neutral Site Game - Fri. Dec. 22 - Time: 7:00 PM/Toronto

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2/13/2017 12:53 pm  #1

Open Scholarship

With Erin being honored as a Senior, this opens up a scholarship for next year. Rumor has it that Coach is pursuing another 6'3" player. That would give us four. Coach understands size opens doors. Go Dukes!


2/23/2017 1:18 pm  #2

Re: Open Scholarship

What happened to the two Serbian players that were mentioned in earlier posts?  Marta Vulovic (6'6) and Jelena Mitrovic (6'9)


2/23/2017 2:35 pm  #3

Re: Open Scholarship

a quick google search provided nothing. unfortunately recruiting resources and websites are not nearly as developed for the women;s side as the men's, but nothing tells me they're going to an american college yet

I hate myself for loving you.

2/23/2017 5:12 pm  #4

Re: Open Scholarship

It is my understanding that the two Serbian girls are underclasswomen. One would be a junior (6'6") and one a sophomore 6'9"). So, perhaps we will see them in future classes.

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3/11/2017 3:34 pm  #5

Re: Open Scholarship

sperlman wrote:

What happened to the two Serbian players that were mentioned in earlier posts?  Marta Vulovic (6'6) and Jelena Mitrovic (6'9)

It's my understanding that these Serbian players would not be eligible to play in the NCAA until the 2018-2019 season.


3/11/2017 4:01 pm  #6

Re: Open Scholarship

Is Judith coming back?   She graduated and could leave.


3/11/2017 7:19 pm  #7

Re: Open Scholarship

That question was asked of Coach Burt at one of the last season ticket holder chalk talks.  Judith is definitely coming back.


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