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Sunday, Dec. 17 - North Carolina AT & T - Home/Palumbo - 12:30 PM
Tuesday, Dec. 19 - Lamar - Home/Palumbo - 7:00 PM
Friday, Dec. 22 - San Francisco - Away/Las Vegas - 8:30 PM
Saturday, Dec. 23 - S. Illinois - Away/Las Vegas - 8:30 PM

Duquesne Women's basketball

Dukes vs. Central Michigan: Home Game - Sun. Dec. 17 - Time: 2:30 PM/Palumbo

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2/19/2017 4:48 am  #1

Dukes' women's swim team finishes in 2nd place in the A-10 Champ. Meet


2/20/2017 3:53 am  #2

Re: Dukes' women's swim team finishes in 2nd place in the A-10 Champ. Meet

In this year's A-10 Championship Swim Meet, 57 of the 570 points earned by 1st place women's finisher Richmond Univ. came from 4th and 7th places in the 1 meter diving event (27 points) and 2nd and 6th places in the 3 meter event (30 points).  Since the Dukes did not field a diving team this season, they did not have an opportunity to score any points in these two events.  The Dukes will have a women's diving team next season which will give them a chance to earn points in the two diving events and perhaps tighten the point differential between them and Richmond, the perennial A-10 women's champion, and maybe even beat Richmond once the Dukes' diving team gets more experience.  

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