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November 2018

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8/30/2017 7:27 am  #1


8/30/2017 9:34 am  #2

Re: AJ's our guy!

Seems like a good kid too. Look forward to seeing him on Thursday...but as I said before, not too much of him.


8/30/2017 10:42 am  #3

Re: AJ's our guy!

I don't see that we've named a QB yet, so hopefully someone will be there to give him the rock.

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8/30/2017 10:57 am  #4

Re: AJ's our guy!

I think I could be your QB with him at RB, lol.


8/30/2017 11:42 am  #5

Re: AJ's our guy!

I couldn't. Too old, too fat, too dumb, too slow, arm shot.

Other than that I'm good to go.

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8/30/2017 12:31 pm  #6

Re: AJ's our guy!

lol, looks like it's your grad transfer we'll get to see. http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/...0170828aaa.pdf

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8/30/2017 4:04 pm  #7

Re: AJ's our guy!

Our man Z-Dub ace reporter also had that.

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