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November 2018

Duquesne Women's basketball
November 2018

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9/14/2017 2:14 pm  #1

Next up: Dayton


Flyers are tough at home. We need a road win.

Go Dukes!


9/14/2017 4:17 pm  #2

Re: Next up: Dayton

Dayton has won 14 straight home games. that's got to be 2 straight seasons.

but i can't stand losing to them in any sport. Beat Dayton.

I hate myself for loving you.

Don't say I'm getting older cuz I'll say it when I do.

9/15/2017 12:01 am  #3

Re: Next up: Dayton

Dukes will have to play better on defense and get off the field.I am going to the game and look forward to seeing some tweaks schematically but remember this team lost their QB and top defensive player from last year and I believe will continue to get better. Go Dukes Beat Flyers


9/16/2017 10:27 am  #4

Re: Next up: Dayton

I haven't made a prediction all year, so here goes:

Duquesne 20, Dayton 10. Close game until the end.

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9/16/2017 6:14 pm  #5

Re: Next up: Dayton

You called it El DUQ UE! Tough place to win and won as team today! Dukes overcame loss of AJ and Carter and made big plays when they had to and coaches had good game plan! Dayton blitzed often and on 1st down in second half as they bexame worried about rheir dbs ability to cover our wideouts! It's great to win!


9/16/2017 7:46 pm  #6

Re: Next up: Dayton


Judge Jack, what happened to AJ Hines? Injury? Hope not serious.

Kellon Taylor with a TD today. Might he become the first Pittsburgh athlete to score a touchdown and a hoop in basketball in the same season since Matt Cavanaugh?

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9/16/2017 8:24 pm  #7

Re: Next up: Dayton

Great call on Matt Cavanaugh and Taylor today!  I forgot about that completely! Thanks and they held AJ and Carter today because of shoulders of inuries Talked to both of them and wanted to play and pretty sure both will be back for conference if not sooner


9/16/2017 11:04 pm  #8

Re: Next up: Dayton

Very good win for Coach Schmidt and the boys. Nice to put up 28 points without Hines.  Glad to see Taylor get his 1st touchdown as a Duke.


9/18/2017 12:01 am  #9

Re: Next up: Dayton

solid, solid win.

I hate myself for loving you.

Don't say I'm getting older cuz I'll say it when I do.

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