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William & Mary (H) - 5:00 PM 11/10 (Saturday-Palumbo)
UIC (DH) (H) - 8:00 PM 11/12 (Monday - Palumbo)

Duquesne Women's basketball
November 2018

Tuesday, Nov. 6 at TCU - 1 PM Fort Worth, TX
Thursday, Nov. 8 at Texas - 8 PM Austin, TX

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9/08/2018 10:57 am  #1

Dukes favored by 18.5 against Valpo

Dukes favored by 18.5 against Valpo Today.

This should be a better test as to how good or bad the team is this year. 

Going against Massachusetts then a Lock Haven last week was a huge swing.  The Dukes would have been better getting the bugs out vs LH before having to face UMass.

Should have posted this earlier-


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Attitude is everything

9/08/2018 7:29 pm  #2

Re: Dukes favored by 18.5 against Valpo

Dukes win but under-achieve.  This will not cut it vs St. Francis or CCS.


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Attitude is everything
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9/09/2018 10:39 am  #3

Re: Dukes favored by 18.5 against Valpo

Agreed, coffee; won’t cut it in the NEC. Are the Dukes under-achieving or are the early results showing what the Dukes are?

But, as they say, any win is a good win. And it’s nice to see AJ get back on track; appears that he is finally healthy. That solid running game should open up more of the passing game for Parr and company. It took until late in the 4th quarter, but clutch plays were made on both sides of the ball to take the lead and secure the win.

Thus, my money is on under-achieving so far. Beat the Flyers.


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