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Men's Basketball » NIL » 7/25/2022 5:38 pm

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Good enough for the former Pitt receiver Addison and player or players to be named.

Men's Basketball » The New Basketball World Is Getting Wilder » 7/21/2022 1:29 pm

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I wonder if the conferences other than the top 6 could join
together to form super conferences.  The A!0 joins with the Colonial
or the NEC joins with the ASun.  Or would that be a waste of time.

Men's Basketball » The New Basketball World Is Getting Wilder » 7/21/2022 12:11 pm

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A player can attend 4 schools in 4 years?

Men's Basketball » A10 Top 10 Impact Transfers » 7/18/2022 2:08 pm

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Freeman mentions Spears and Johnson as a significant loss to
the program.
I agree they are talented but if they don't play as a part of a team
concept and work with the rest of the team their talent is wasted.
Probably best they leave and find players that can play as a team.
i wonder if Joyce is being groomed to place KD when his contract expires.

Men's Basketball » Joe Reece Commits To Duquesne » 6/14/2022 5:05 pm

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Thanks CLK
Amazing the intrigue and secrecy on recruiting.
Like a spy novel.

Men's Basketball » Joe Reece Commits To Duquesne » 6/14/2022 2:44 pm

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It appears we have 15 on scholarship.
Two more over limit.
I think Gunn and Barba are the two that will go
depending on injuries.
Too bad.  I think Gunn would have been interesting to watch play.

Men's Basketball » NBA & Easley updates? » 5/26/2022 6:54 pm

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I  count 14 on the roster now that Easley is returning.
Who will leave?

Men's Basketball » Hima in Portal » 5/13/2022 1:17 pm

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I would also consider NIL money.
Some programs can offer more than others.
I wonder if Hima had a better NIL offer from Syracuse than DU regarding NIL.

Basketball Recruiting » Dukes in Final 5 for Thiero » 5/07/2022 12:22 pm

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Regarding Calipari
I was reading the Ky fan message board.
Fan base at KY not happy with Cal.
No SEC championships, no final four lost to St. Peter
Fans feel he has lost it  been at Ky too long
same old offense nothing new problem with the use of his players
He won't be fired but Theiro should think hard about going to KY
Coach under some heat in a high expectation program
If Theiro goes to KY he will be under some pressure to produce immediately for a coach
that can highly rated players as he pleases.

Men's Basketball » Spears in Portal » 4/28/2022 3:14 pm

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Theiro from Quaker Valley has Maryland, Ok, and TCU as final three teams.
I agree Spears better seek wise advice from a trusted adviser otherwise he 
could have some serious competition for minutes if he picks the same team
as Theiro.

Men's Basketball » Single Jeopardy - Dukes Big Men - Starts With M » 4/28/2022 7:31 am

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What about Neil Hood from Edgar's years?

Men's Basketball » Roster 2022-2023, Are Dambrot supporters still here ? » 4/25/2022 5:50 pm

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Players are still entering the portal. I read that Bekelja has entered.
It appears we have a poker game going on in recruiting. 
Player and coaches each have cards and are holding the cards to
see who bluffs who.
I think the strategy of waiting to have a signing until the end is good.
Because of the portal and NIL, recruiting has now become a test of nerves.
Hopefully, you get the best match for player and team that is possible.

Men's Basketball » Players own the college game. » 4/18/2022 5:00 pm

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I believe we have a judge on the message board who might explain
a recent Supreme Court decision that I think-I'm not a lawyer-ruled
for a former player and that decision resulted in  NIL and a permanent transfer 
portal.  The NCAA was in violation of some anti-trust laws by the way they
treated the players.  One of the justices ripped up the NCAA on their treatment of the

Men's Basketball » Jackie Johnson III Hits Transfer Portal » 3/28/2022 5:08 pm

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IMO, key stat for both players
Spears had 91 assists and 62 turnovers
Johnson had 35 assist and 47  turnovers

Men's Basketball » Okani enters the transfer portal » 3/16/2022 7:41 pm

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Okani shot 25% from the 3 under 40% overall
His assist TO  ratio was bad. He played in 48 games
Acuff also played 48 games
He shot 36% from the 3 over 45% overall
His assist ratio was over 1
Acuff, so far, is here. Okani is not.  Stats seemed to indicate the reason
DU mbb is not grade school or JV basketball(no snide comments) Coaches can help but
in the end, the players have to the work and improve.
Okani really no choice but to move on. He was not improving or making meaningful
As for Hima, he has to realize the realities of Div 1 bb. 
Coaches have to win and players have to produce.


Basketball Recruiting » Dukes Offer 6'7" Sharp Shooter Rich Rolf » 3/15/2022 3:17 pm

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He can dunk with ease.
Smooth shot.
If he can play solid defense, I hope he signs with DU.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Davidson College Wildcats (H) » 2/23/2022 9:54 am

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I hope it is a trap game for Davidson.
They should win and cover but they could be
tired, indifferent , looking forward to the next game.
If Spears and Johnson could each drop 20,,,
Too much to hope for

Men's Basketball » Team has checked out » 2/20/2022 1:12 pm

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Harper is VP of Athletics not AD.
He probably has a seat at the table with the Prez when
the senior staff meet.
He raised 40 plus million to renovate Palumbo.
I would assume  he has continued to fund raise to put a roof on McCloskey for the FB team.
He appears to run a clean department. I believe KD mentioned that the mbb had the highest
GPA in school's history.
I wonder if the Prez cares that much about the mbb. I suspect the Prez cares more about the medical


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KD did attempt to address any team issues when  they hired
the sports psychologist to work with the team.
It appeared to help though no mention of the psychologist
in the article.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Davidson College Wildcats (A) » 2/15/2022 2:09 pm

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I think Hima along with some other bench players should start
Keep them for as long as possible or until the score dictates a
Play away on Monday then play at home tomorrow.  Probably
some tired legs.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Fordham Rams (H) » 2/12/2022 8:58 pm

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A recruit could see opportunity. Lots of minutes from game one.
He thinks I can do better than these guys.
It will be interesting to see if this teams wins another game.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - University of Dayton Flyers (A) » 2/09/2022 4:16 pm

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What if, at game time, three Dayton starters
test positive for the virus?

Men's Basketball » Trib Article » 1/28/2022 5:48 pm

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He has Rotroff, Gunn and Hima
Two hurt and one in development.
If Rotroff and Gunn were healthy and playing
at a reasonable level, I believe we would have a better record.
I agree with KD--what he is doing is risky-for guy his age that takes courage.

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