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Duquesne Football » POST GAZETTE CAMP COVERAGE OF THE DUKES » 8/11/2022 1:07 pm

Nice article in PG yesterday covering camp and specifically linebackers Shane Stump and Todd Hill.  These guys are 2 outstanding WPIAL products and Stump was Fabulous 22 and can only recall Casey Quinn as previous Fab 22 then Duke? I also have no doubt that Pitt passed on Todd Hill because of his height and nothing else and that he is one of the best FCS linebackers out there!

Duquesne Football » POST GAZETTE PREVIEW ON THE DUKES » 8/06/2022 7:10 am

Hey Coffee, I agree with you as many of us  appreciate the football program history that often gets glossed over or not mentioned at all.I am nonetheless glad that we're getting the coverage and that the progress the program is making is being recognized.  Hope you are well my friend and Go Dukes!

Duquesne Football » POST GAZETTE PREVIEW ON THE DUKES » 8/05/2022 1:58 pm

Post Gazette preview on the Dukes can be found below and mentions that Mischler is running at QB1 but Darius Perrantes has to be QB1A right now. I personally am curious to see what develops there along with the receiver corps after losing Holder and Henderson. Isabella and the Ball State transfer Rahmon Hart probably will get a lot of receptions and I think they have depth at RB after Billy Lucas and will throw to the RBs more.Lots of good players back on D despite losing DeBrito! Go Dukes


Basketball Recruiting » Bronny??? » 7/31/2022 11:49 am

Agree with you guys and hope that it happens!

Duquesne Football » TWO DUKES GOING TO LATROBE!!! » 7/31/2022 11:47 am

Great post and I had not seen this before! As always I appreciate your posts and all of the efforts that goes into putting together the Fan Forum! Go Dukes!


Haha thanks Phoenix and you are right! Going to be a tough one but excited about this opportunity too! I am going to get to practice today and will try to get together a preview for the Fan forum soon and appreciate your comments and information always!


Just FYI everyone that Dukes Seminole tickets are still available through the alumni association at alumnionline@duq.edu for the college football opener in Tallahassee August 27th 5pm tee time! I am aware of  fans traveling to the game from different places throughout the country and Doak
Stadium  has a tailgate tent that is open to all fans who purchase tickets in advance. Obviously this is a revenue game for Duquesne Athletics and a big one and hopefully we can hold our own. Recall that FSU was upset last year by Deion Sander's FCS Jackson State so I am sure that we'll be facing an upset alerted FSU team, but we do have some solid players returning who have played at TCU and won at Ohio. The game is the first television game of the season and will be seen on the ACC network so Dukes actually appear there  this year before Pitt football ironically! Good luck to Coach Schmitt and our Dukes!

Duquesne Football » TWO DUKES GOING TO LATROBE!!! » 7/24/2022 12:49 pm

For the first time in program history Duquesne football will have two players going to Latrobe for Steelers summer camp (unless you want to count the time Terry Russell and I drove up to watch practice ) 😄 Seriously,  certainly in the earlier years there were multiple Duquesne Dukes in  Steelers camp but I don't believe since the late 40s   I spoke with both of them this week and Christian Kuntz is in a great position being an unchallenged incumbent for the first time in his career and while he has always believed he could play in the NFL, he now knows it! Jake Dixon looks great and like Christian has been relentless in his workouts and also told me he's going to see some reps at guard too.I think he's as athletic as any of their OL and if he can make the practice squad as a swingman OL that would be fantastic! The program keeps moving forward! Go Christian and Jake and Go Dukes!

Duquesne Football » Sad News - the passing of Dan McCann » 6/18/2022 11:31 am

Thanks Phoenix and ZDuke and I don't think that it can be said any better than these articles and as you said Phoenix!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Men's Basketball » Colin Dunlap Podcast With Dave Harper » 6/18/2022 10:55 am

Agree with you Phoenix 💯 and again I think our AD is doing what needs to be done or will figure it out.

Men's Basketball » Colin Dunlap Podcast With Dave Harper » 6/17/2022 7:39 pm

Agree with you guys! Colin Dunlap had him on after reading the Trib article on Duquesne scheduling "big" especially in football. Good discussion of importance of scheduling too for football and basketball and raising the schools profile Here is the link to the Trib article too https://triblive.com/sports/basketball-vs-kentucky-football-vs-florida-st-and-wvu-why-and-how-duquesne-has-stepped-up-its-scheduling-strategy/

Duquesne Football » POST GAZETTE FEATURES DUKES JAKE DIXON » 5/13/2022 2:48 pm

Just FYI everyone there is a great feature on our Dukes Jake Dixon in the Post Gazette on Tackle Jake Dixon on his bid to make the Steelers and join Christian Kuntz! Proud of him and the Dukes football program 👏

Duquesne Football » DEBRITO SIGNS MINI CAMP CONTRACT WITH STEELERS » 5/02/2022 4:44 pm

The Pittsburgh Steelers will have 3 former Dukes on the field  during mini camp as a player that I have loved the last 2 years Leandro Debrito number 7 on defense has signed a Steelers tryouts contract.  He is so good coming up from his safety position and making tackles and excellent coverage safety too.Coach Richardson really worked with this kid and he just kept getting better. Hopefully the Steelers give him a good look because he is tough and can play! Good luck 7

Duquesne Football » Cyrus Holder Signs With Bears » 5/02/2022 4:40 pm

Agree with you SkepticAl and he is definitely one of the most talented receivers that I have seen over the years. He gets open and good YAC but occasionally drops a ball but I like him and must have had a good 40 on pro day too.  I am going to try and track his pro day 40 down

Duquesne Football » STEELERS SIGNING DUKES JAKE DIXON!!!! » 5/01/2022 12:21 pm

Fyi forgot to mention that Jake is a cousin of former Dukes standout WR ( converted QB1) Connor Dixon who similarly signed with the Steelers but got hurt early on in mini camp.

Duquesne Football » ANOTHER DUKES PLAYER WR CYRUS HOLDER SIGNS WITH BEARS!!!! » 5/01/2022 11:38 am

Congratulations Cyrus Holder our stand out WR who has reported to have signed an undrafted free agent contract with the Chicago Bears! Go Cyrus Go Dukes and hopefully get another Dukes player in NFL again this year!

Duquesne Football » STEELERS SIGNING DUKES JAKE DIXON!!!! » 4/30/2022 7:04 pm

Behind the Steel Curtain is reporting that All American OT Jake Dixon is signing with the Steelers! So excited for Jake and I was told that his Pro Day would have put him in the top 15 OT had he been invited to the Combine! Remember Jake converted from tight end and originally went to college on a volleyball scholarship but missed football and Jerry and Coach Sil recruited him to Duquesne! Congrats and Good luck Jake and rooting for him at least making the practice squad and working from there, much like Christian!

Duquesne Football » Stonehill joins NEC » 4/08/2022 3:10 pm

Agree with you A83 on NEC, and we need to keep auto bid

Duquesne Football » TWO ARTICLES ON DUQUESNE FOOTBALL IN TRIB THIS WEEK » 4/08/2022 1:49 pm

Tim Benz did two stories this week on Dukes football with Roman Macek and his wrestling try out and Reggie Wells taking over as DL coach!!!! Now if I could only cut and paste! Haha

Duquesne Football » Coach McCann update » 3/08/2022 4:10 pm

Thanks for the query FAM and I believe that you might be thinking of the great Terry Russell who is still around Pgh and doing well! Terry Russell started for Point Park baseball under Frank Gustine and also Point Park freshman basketball before  Coach McCann
convinced him to  transfer to Duquesne to play football and baseball. Terry started for the 1973 National championship Dukes and was QB1 the following season. He also started at shortstop for the Dukes baseball team earning Athlete of the Year honors and ultimately the Duquesne Athletics HOF for football! He served as Head Coach during the late 80s and assistant coach for well over 35 years mostly running backs. He continues to support and attend Duquesne football and hoops games  today! Terry might be my number 1 all around athletic teammate, but an even better friend!

Duquesne Football » Coach McCann update » 3/05/2022 3:31 pm

Just FYI everyone Coach McCann has a birthday March 13th and is in a nursing home in Zelionople. His daughter Valerie has suggested sending a birthday card if anyone is so inclined and I know that it would be appreciated by the family!The address is :
Coach Dan McCann
Passavant Reitirement Community
105 Burgess Larkspur 328

Men's Basketball » Rebuilding in Year 6 » 2/25/2022 4:17 pm

As usual A83 well said 👏

Women's basketball » WOW!!!!! » 2/22/2022 7:29 pm

Amen A83 and Levon and thanks for the informative post Skeptical! Go Dukes

Men's Basketball » Team has checked out » 2/22/2022 12:50 pm

Wildwood13 wrote:

A83 as I stated previously; many fans as well as respected columnist thought this was a great hire. He came from a program that posted many twenty win seasons. Unfortunately to secure him we had to pay him a million a year and give him a lengthy contract. The coach has had five seasons for himself to change my opinion of him. I was willing to take a wait and see approach. I did but I could see all the shortcomings this coach had coaching the Dukes. On the other hand regarding the AD; I have seen him being creative with scholarships, giving the coach what ever he needed to be successful, getting the funds together to revamp the new playing and training facilities. I have met with him on several occasions and in my opinion he gets checks in all the boxes except for this hire. The AD and I have talked about the coach in length and we just don’t see eye to eye on that topic. The other two sports I follow, but not to the extent of men’s basketball are women’s basketball and football. I really believe the football has been an upgrade since Harper came on board. But the Judge could maybe expand on this topic as he is more knowledgeable of the program than I. I know the women’s basketball team has hit a snag, but I like the fact that he has a shot at any local player of talent. I again would like to hear from Skeptical Al on this subject as he follows it closer. As far as the inner workings of the athletic department, I have no clue or opinion. In closing, I just think he deserves at least two shots at hiring a men’s basketball coach. 

Wildwood I would agree with your overall assessment of Dave Harper and especially as it relates to the football program. Duquesne football  has certainly  a raised  profile( still ways to go)and substantially increased athletic revenues to the general athletic budget during Dave's tenure and oh yes....secured our first FBS win this season. I know that Rooney field improvements along with doming of McCloske

Duquesne Football » Super Bowl NEC Connection--Bengals D Coordinator from Wagner » 2/13/2022 9:40 am

Again this year the Wagner Seahawks have a Super Bowl alum participating in the game with the Bengals defense  being coached by  Wagner grad and former coach Lou Anarumo. Last year former Seahawk outside linebacker Cam Gill appeared in the game with Tampa Bay.  On a further note, former QB1 out of Central Connecticut State Jake Dolegala and late draft pick of the Bengals in 2019,  is no longer with the Bengals and now with the Packers. Dolegala gave us fits over his career but recall we did beat him in the 2018 NEC championship at Central on Nehari Crawford's last minute heroics!The following week we upset Towson in our first NCAA playoffs win and one the programs most significant wins until this year's defeat of FBS MAC conference Ohio.

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