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Monday, November 6: Cleveland State @ Duquesne. (Home - UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse)
Friday, November 10: Charleston vs. Duquesne 6:00 PM (Away/Alumni Hall/Annapolis)
Monday, November 13: Stony Brook vs. Duquesne (Home - UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse)

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Men's Basketball » Game Thread - St. Bonaventure University Bonnies (H) » 2/12/2023 8:29 pm

I love RE as much as the next person but....Truth,  RE had no team that would ever have had a 22 point lead at Richmond,

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - St. Bonaventure University Bonnies (H) » 2/12/2023 2:25 pm

A few weeks ago I watched Dayton take a 16 point lead in the first half at home against VCU and lose.  Dayton had a 5 point lead and the ball with 30 seconds left in the game and lost.  When it happens to your team it's painful but it happens every night in college basketball.  Let's hope the Dukes got it out of their system and continue to play well through the tournament.  In the A-10 this year, anything can happen and Duquesne seems to have as good a chance as anyone else to win the tournament.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - George Washington University Colonials » 2/05/2023 12:48 pm

Great effort and result yesterday.  Rebounding is a key to getting out in transition.  I'm pretty sure that the games in which Duquesne didn't run, they were being handled on the boards.  If you're not rebounding, it's tough to run.
From what I've seen, this conference is up for grabs.  as I am typing this note, I just heard Mike Decourcey on the Fan.  He said that KD is the best coach that Duquesne has had since Red Manning.  He also said that Duquesne has as good a chance as anyone in the A-10 to win the tournament and go the tournament.   I, for one, will sit back and enjoy the next few weeks.  This is way better that what we've experienced in a long time.  

Men's Basketball » Who's the next coach? Dambrot never got to NIT/NCAA in his 6 Years! » 2/04/2023 2:17 pm

There is something to be said for stability...and patience...especially considering where this program has been.

Men's Basketball » Who's the next coach? Dambrot never got to NIT/NCAA in his 6 Years! » 1/29/2023 7:54 pm

I want to see Duquesne win as badly as the next person.  I have never been a basketball coach or player so I hesitate to criticize but I do have an opinion.  You know what they say about opinions!  I think that the young front court players should play much more.  The older guys are getting worked on the boards, play poor defense which leads to fouls and miss too many shots in close.  The freshmen will make their share of mistakes and that is to be expected.  I hope McGriff is available soon.  We need more height in the backcourt and we need scoring from the point.
As for the coach, let's see where we are at the end of the season.  Any coach is as good as his players. No scheme or plan will compensate for a lack of talent.  If he misjudged the ability of some of the players who were brought in, that's on him.  However, maybe he didn't have any better options.  
I'm frustrated too because I really want them to be good. I'm hoping they don't totally implode.  Time will tell.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - University of Massachusetts Minutemen (A) » 1/28/2023 9:52 am

After the one-week layoff earlier in the season, Duquesne was terrible for two games and then began to play much better.  I'm hoping that history repeats itself and they recapture their outside shooting accuracy.  Grant is due for a good game on the road.  I hope Clark and McGriff are healthy and I hope Clark is agressive going to the basket like he was against VCU.

IronDuke81, I agree that Duquesne's front court has to play much better than in the previous few games.  I hope that Dixon is available.  Rotroff has been really good at times--like in the last game.  I would like to see more Barre and Dixon and less Reece.  Hopefully, KD will pull the right levers.  A win at Mass would be pretty big here.  I watched some of St. Louis and Davidson last night and I agree that this league is up for grabs.  If Duquesne can stay hot in the tournament, anything can happen.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Fordham University Rams (H) » 1/22/2023 12:57 pm

Duques102, I agree that Duquesne is a built on MAC-type players.  That won't cut it in the A-10.  I agree that it's no accident that Clark is Duquesne's best player and he was a VCU recruit.  As in all sports, talent wins in basketball.  If you don't have the talent, you will lose no matter who your coach is and what your scheme is.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Fordham University Rams (H) » 1/22/2023 12:48 pm

KD in his post game conference pretty much said that if Dixon, Rozier and others are playing better than the older guys then he has to play them more.  I hope he follows through on that in the upcoming games.  Of course, there are injuries that affect playing time.  I think the Dukes need a shake up to try and stop the season from devolving into another late season swoon that we have witnessed repeatedly in the last several years.  I don't intend to be too critical.  I just want them to be a good team and competitive.  It's a lot of fun when they give us some hope!

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Fordham University Rams (H) » 1/21/2023 8:42 pm

I understand that KD prefers to play "older" players but i would much rather see Dixon, Barre and Rozier than Rotroff, Reese and Brewer.  I would live with their mistakes as they gain more experience and hope that they are better by tournament time.  I've seen enough of the veteran players to think that the best opportunity for this team is to go with talent over experience.  

Men's Basketball » My take on this.......... » 1/21/2023 8:09 pm

Thanks for the perspective.  

Men's Basketball » Play the games at Duquesne High school » 11/24/2022 8:58 pm

I hope the Pirates are good.  I am a baseball fan and would love to see it!

Men's Basketball » Play the games at Duquesne High school » 11/24/2022 12:57 pm

I agree IronDuke81.  This is way more fun so far than the last couple of years.  It appears as though Duquesne has legit talent and should be competitive all season unless devastated by injury.  I am enjoying being interested in the team and prefer not to look at the glass half-empty.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Men's Basketball » Play the games at Duquesne High school » 11/24/2022 11:21 am

The Steelers stink; Pitt stinks in football and basketball; Penguins don't get major attention until spring; Pirates stink.  Duquesne has to win...and keep winning...and then hopefully the media will stop talking about Kenny Pickett for a minute and start to mention Duquesne...and then people will start to attend.  I hope it happens because this team has potential and deserves support.

Men's Basketball » Tyson Acuff.... » 4/01/2022 6:49 pm

Duquesne lost 17 in a row with all of these players and they can lose 17 in a row without all or any of them.  Duquesne needs MUCH better players that anyone on the current roster to be competitive in he A-10.  If KD doesn't bring in a very talented front court player who can rebound, score and defend and who is at least 6'9", a very talented point guard who is at least 6'0" and can defend, assist and score and a very talented scorer (shooter) who is at least 6'6" and can defend, they will lose 20-25 games next season as well.

The solution is obvious---they need very good A-10 caliber players.  No players=a lousy team.  I am puzzled as to why these really good players go everywhere but won't go to Duquesne.  Duquesne has a lot to offer but hasn't been able to attract the necessary talent or keep it when they get lucky.

Sad state of affairs...

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - St. Bonaventure University Bonnies (A) » 2/20/2022 1:48 pm

I was listening to the broadcast of the game last evening.  Jarrett and Ray described Hima as long and athletic.  Jarrett said that Hima has been playing basketball for only three years.  He said that Hima might not ever be a big time scorer but that he could be a good rim protector, defender and rebounder.  So, given that it was evident early on this season that this team was going nowhere, why wasn't Hima playing more?  He should have been, and should be now, playing at least 20-25 minutes a game.  Jarrett said that the only way that Hima is going to improve is by playing. 
I hope Hima doesn't transfer.  I fear that some other school will convince him that he won't get the coaching he needs at Duquesne and that he would do better elsewhere.  I would make keeping Hima a priority over any other player on this team and that is whether or not there is a coaching change.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Davidson College Wildcats (A) » 2/14/2022 9:19 pm

I agree Iron Duke.  Didn't KD say after the last game that Hima would play more?   I didn't see anything in this game that fostered any hope for the future. Same stuff but Primo made more shots tonight.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Fordham Rams (H) » 2/13/2022 2:24 pm

Pistol and Iron Duke--I completely agree with both of you.  You both make valid points as usual.  Rotroff was playing better this year but he is not the kind of player who would flip Duquesne's record.  As for Hima, what is there to lose in playing him?  Duquesne loses when he doesn't play so KD might as well let him play.  

I repeat...Duquesne doesn't have A-10 level players.  John Wooden (coached Abdul Jabbar, Bill Walton, Sidney Wicks, Gail Goodrich, Henry Bibby, etc.) would be losing with this Duquesne team.  Like in all sports talented players win games not coaches.  The coach's primary job is to recognize talent and get it in the door.  The players will take care of winning games.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Fordham Rams (H) » 2/12/2022 8:19 pm

I repeat,,,devoid of A-10 talent.  Sad but true.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Fordham Rams (H) » 2/12/2022 11:46 am

Take the points.  Until they cover, I would bet against them.

Men's Basketball » If we wait until his contract is up ! » 2/11/2022 8:56 pm

I respectfully disagree as to the level of talent on this team.  I don't want to be specific but the overall talent on this team is not A-10 winning talent.  Really good players would win their share of games and overcome poor offensive sets, poor game planning and poor coaching.  In sports talent trumps all.  You win with it and lose without it.  The worst coach can win with talent.  When talent is relatively even on competing teams the better coach can make a difference.  Any one of you could have won 10 games as the coach of the 1978 Steelers!

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Richmond Spiders » 2/02/2022 10:04 am

There is a bright side to this mess.  Betting against Duquesne is better than a treasury bond.   

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - New Hampshire Wildcats » 12/13/2021 9:15 pm

Rayrich, I agree with your assessment of the team.  I agree that Acuff has much potential.  If Rotroff can play anywhere near how he played against UNH, it obviously would be a major help to the team.   By all accounts he's a hard worker and it would be great if he had some sustained success.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - DePaul Blue Demons » 12/09/2021 11:03 am

Ironduke81 wrote:

FAM wrote:

I’ll say it again, since your love of DU bball n Dambrot is a strong impetus for your remarks. Dambrot isn’t going anywhere… he has two years left and will be given the opportunity to change his record around. Everyone wants him to be successful. Folks are upset and rightly so. There are no more DU excuses. He got the salary he wanted, the recruiting freedom he wanted, the Fieldhouse he wanted, and more. These are his players he recruited the last few years. He has NOT produced thus far. I hope he does and want him to. But for heavens sake, look at his record so far this year… one in which he said that this is his best team ever. What worries me more is the two players he recruited for next year…two kids not recruited by any strong teams in the USA.
With all of that said, I want Dambrot to succeed and hope we don’t lose another game this year. I, like you, love DU bball. Though I don’t have a million dollars I do have season tickets and also contribute. I am also tired of DU losing.
BTW, I can tell you that they do care about the state of the program… do you think Ferry got fired before his contract was up because he was successful? Plus, with the salaries and new Fieldhouse the University has more money invested in bball than ever before.

Again write a check. Two alumni at Indiana stroked two checks to buy out Archie Miller. Duquesne thanks to Covid can’t afford a buyout.

Archie Miller is sitting idle?  That is interesting.  Sean too?  

Men's Basketball » DU Men's Basketball - Providing YOUR Input » 12/06/2021 8:42 pm

Pistol, do you have more intel on the situation with the Miller brothers (Sean and Archie)?

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Marshall Thundering Herd » 12/05/2021 1:15 pm

levon1975, I agree that Duquesne competed well against a higher ranked team on the road.  However, Marshall didn't shoot well in the first half and Duquesne had a 17 point lead.  It is disappointing and deflating to lose games when you have had double digit leads relatively late in the game and that seems to be a pattern so far this season.   I think good teams win those games whether they play at home or on the road.   

I can't remember when Duquesne had a player who could be counted on to come through at crunch time...Aaron Jackson maybe?  If there are others, I can't recall them.  It would be great to see someone develop to be that guy.  Hopefully, Duquesne will get better as the season progresses and will win its share of games.  Time will tell.

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