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Fall of 2023

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Men's Basketball » 46 Years and Counting » 3/18/2023 9:43 pm

Box & One
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Ironic that VMI is on the list with the same time period … 1977 to today, considering that was the team that beat the Dukes in the 1977 tournament 66-73.
Saturday March 12, 1977.

They must be cursed with us.

Men's Basketball » Other Teams in the A-10 - Whom Do You Dislike the Most? » 1/14/2023 8:10 pm

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Gold - St. Bonaventure
Silver - Dayton
Bronze - St. Bonaventure

Yes - my disdain for BONA runs deep.

But I love the rivalry & that we play them home & home yearly.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Saint Joseph's University Hawks (A) » 1/11/2023 7:55 pm

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60 point 1st half!!??    Let them run Coach!

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Alabama State University Hornets » 11/23/2022 4:45 pm

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townsonkid wrote:

Need to get this W tonight, and then get healthy and prepare for better opponents ahead.   UCSB, Marshall, DePaul are just a few of what should be solid tests.   They are all at home, so thats nice.   

Has anyone tried watching the game on espn+ and listen to our radio team over the internet?    I cant stand Cannon and Benz.   

I watch the ESPN+ feed & sync it to the IHeart radio feed of Ray & Jarrett.  You may need to pause the ESPN+ feed a few seconds to account for the IHeart feed delay to catch up.

Men's Basketball » Ticket Special for Next 2 Home Games » 11/19/2022 8:32 am

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For those local - per the University website …

“Duquesne returns home to play two games in three days prior to Thanksgiving with North Florida visiting UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse on Monday and Alabama State in town to face the Dukes on Wednesday. Both games, which will be streamed live on ESPN+, are set for a 7:00 p.m. tip.

In recognition of the Dukes' 93.5 ppg. home scoring average, Duquesne is offering a special $9.35 ticket for both games. Promo code 90PLUSPTS.“

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Colgate Raiders » 11/19/2022 8:29 am

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Anyone have news on Reece’s injury?

Men's Basketball » Jackie Johnson III Hits Transfer Portal » 5/19/2022 3:57 am

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CLK wrote:

Interesting article on Jackie Johnson from the Las Vegas Sun.


No mention of JJ’s detailed break-down assist stats per game.
Interesting to leave out that stat for a point guard, unless it is implied that JJ would not be a starter & operate as a combo PP/SG off the bench.

Curious if the author offers this observation based on his own analysis or from a source …

“… Johnson was a gunner last year, there’s no two ways about it. Some of that could be blamed on the situation at Duquesne, where chaos reigned and the team appeared to be largely uncoached. It doesn’t have to be a fatal flaw moving forward, but it’s an aspect of his game that Kruger and his staff may have to work with Johnson on improving.”

Men's Basketball » Jackie Johnson III Hits Transfer Portal » 3/29/2022 9:59 pm

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We are at 2 now (Okani & JJ)  … I am thinking the over under is 7 transfers.

Men's Basketball » PSN Article on Dambrot Appreciation » 2/27/2022 5:40 pm

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PistolPete wrote:

Right on CLK!!!  I was just talking to a couple buddies and the consensus was that we need at least 3 impact players that can come right in and start and be quality A-10 level talent.  Reading between the lines I actually think we may be looking at 5 or 6 new guys coming in next year and that would be great if they are all good.  KD cannot really afford any misses this cycle.

I started a Novena …. 📿

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Davidson College Wildcats (H) » 2/23/2022 9:36 pm

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Any update on Williams’ knee injury?

Men's Basketball » Team has checked out » 2/19/2022 9:49 pm

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Will the administration/board cut the $2M buyout check to part ways after this season?

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - George Washington University Colonials (H) » 2/17/2022 1:20 am

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Did I read the box score correctly …. The starting 5 had 1 personal foul between them?  How are you playing any semblance of man to man defense with 1 PF?

Men's Basketball » Which personalities influenced the basketball disaster at Duquesne? » 1/29/2022 1:09 pm

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I graduated in ‘90.
Nesti was president my first 2 years.

My history is fuzzy but I remember the University endowment at pitiful levels.  Nesti leaves & Murray enters.
Murray drove incredible fundraising & shored up the budgets
Limited focus on sports.
Title IX started about that time & killed a bunch of mens sports.

Can’t remember who funded AJP.  Opened for the 88-89 season
Was it led by Nesti?  Or by coincidence while Nesti was in charge?

Men's Basketball » Legacy of the Last 4 Duquesne Men's Coaches ?? » 1/27/2022 11:48 pm

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Interesting comparison FAM.

Adding some #’s, attempting to add a like for like comparison using completed season Conference records.  I.E. ignore non-conference “quality” impacts.  + a highest finish in conference.

KD 2017-18 to 2020-21
Overall 35-33 across 4 seasons
20-21   7-7
19-20* 11-7 (5th place finish)
18-19   10-8
17-18    7-11
*COVID cancelled A-10 & all post season tourney’s

JF 2012-13 to 2016-17
Overall 21-65 across 5 seasons
1 post season tourney - CBI
16-17     3-15
15-16     6-12 (10th place finish)
14-15     6-12
13-14     5-11
12-13     1-15

RE 2006-07 to 2011-12
Overall 46-50 across 6 seasons
3 post season tourney’s - NIT, CBI(2)
11-12    7-9
10-11    10-6 (4th place finish)
09-10    7-9
08-09    9-7
07-08    7-9
06-07    6-10

DN 2001-02 to 2005-06
Overall 19-61 across 5 seasons
05-06   1-15
04-05    5-11
03-04    6-10 (8th place finish of 12 teams)
02-03    3-13
01-02     4-12

Men's Basketball » Covid updates? » 12/28/2021 5:45 pm

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I jinxed it. Just received an email from Davidson athletics the game is postponed

Men's Basketball » Covid updates? » 12/27/2021 10:38 pm

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I live in Charlotte & have tix to attend the game on 12/30.
As of today - No indication from the Davidson College sites or local news that the game will be cancelled.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - DePaul Blue Demons » 12/07/2021 12:44 am

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Anyone aware - Is this a series game & we get a return game with DePaul at the Coop next year?

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament) » 3/04/2021 1:12 pm

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Dukes exterminate the Spiders ...... finally!

Great win.

Men's Basketball » Requiem for Palumbo » 1/30/2021 11:01 pm

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JPG-DU81 great post idea.  I hope we get all of us to submit an AJP memory.

Mine ...
I was a Junior in ‘88.  That December win vs Pitt was epic.
Tony Petrarca’s 3’s early in the second half started the run & the Dukes hung on to win by 4.
Only time I ever rushed a court .... sober.

We were 4-4 then & hopes were high after that win, only to go 7-11 in conference and 1-1 in the A-10 tournament.
Stalin sacked.

For Non Dukes Games -
The Administration had some agreement with non-school events where students had limited access to Presale tix. 
I saw Andrew Dice Clay, The Cult, & Elvis Costello perform.  All 2nd row floor seats.

My John Cheney reference .... the 83-84 season.  18-0 in A-10 conference.
Upset in the A-10 Championship game by 2 to WVU.
But gets the 8/9 seed in the NCAAs.
Beat St Johns on a buzzer beater by Terence Stansbury.
(Went on to lose to UNC & Michael Jordan)
Some names in that game - Stansbury, Ed Coe, Granger Hall, Nate Blackwell, Chris Mullen, Mark Jackson, Bill Wennington.
Classic Chaney coaching antics - tie pulled down, working the refs, gamesmanship, acting like a walking heart attack ... & add in Carnesecca - watching the coaching boxes was as much fun as the players on the court.

R.I.P. Coach.

Men's Basketball » Here we go, Ivy League cancels fall sports » 7/10/2020 7:45 am

Box & One
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Big IF

If the NCAA / Universities cancel sports for the academic year 20-21, what does that mean for athlete eligibility?

If the student athlete is on a roster & the university is in season but the sport season is cancelled - is that a consumed year toward eligibility?

Men's Basketball » Silk purse out of a sow's ear. » 3/12/2020 8:28 pm

Box & One
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Tejas_Duke wrote:

Sorry to say, I am kind of glad this happened, but I had a gut hunch they were going to lose today! Just a feeling, if you had put a gun to my head and forced me to bet, I would have taken Fordham. This way, it's a great unfinished symphony and the season doesn't end with a loss! Build for next year



Men's Basketball » Its Fordham. » 3/11/2020 6:34 pm

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I think Michael scores 50 in a run away

Men's Basketball » Marcus Weathers 2nd Team - No Other Dukes Sighted or Cited » 3/10/2020 10:53 pm

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Big Congrats to Marcus!
Well earned.
He has had a breakout year & is a big reason for a 20+ win season.

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