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Fall of 2023

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Men's Basketball » Nebraska MTE » Today 5:39 pm

As an added incentive, the winner of this game will be the inaugural recipient of the Danny Nee Cup.

Men's Basketball » Nebraska MTE » Today 2:22 pm

townsonkid wrote:

Stony Brook and Rider are the other 2 teams the Dukes will host.   Decent mix, would be nice to get a P5 road win.   Could use another P5 or quality road game to boost up SOS.  After last years final 4, does P5 really mean as much?

It's not so much P5 as compared to the Dukes' record against Quad 1 and Quad 2 teams (most of these teams would be members of the Top 7 conferences (P5, plus Big East plus Mountain West).  Here is the criteria from last year:

What is a Quadrant 1 win?
- Home games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 1-30
- Neutral games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 1-50 
- Away games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 1-75
What is a Quadrant 2 win?
- Home games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 31-75
- Neutral games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 51-100
- Away games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 76-135
What is a Quadrant 3 win?
- Home games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 76-160
- Neutral games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 101-200
- Away games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 135-240
What is a Quadrant 4 win?
- Home games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 161-363
- Neutral games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 201-363
- Away games vs. opponents with NET ranking of 241-363

Last year, the entire A10 conference was only able to play a total of 30 Quad 1 games; these games are very hard to schedule.  Unfortunately, the A10 finished 3-27 in these Quad 1 games.  Unless your A10 team is a near lock to be a Top 75 team (VCU and maybe Dayton/Saint Louis fell into this category last year), why would a top program agree to play you since it's only going to give you at best a Quad 3 win or at worse, a Quad 3/4 loss?  Very little upside with a win and a lot of downside with a loss.
Here was the Dukes Quad breakdown:
Dukes finished at #137 in the NET (so a win against the Dukes only got our opponent a Quad 3 win).
Dukes Quad 1 Record: 0-1
Dukes Quad 2 Record: 1-3
Dukes Quad 3 Reco

Men's Basketball » Nebraska MTE » Yesterday 8:02 pm

Good news!  Nice opportunity for the Dukes to beat a Big Ten (and a likely top 100 team) on the road. The MTE also allows the Dukes to play 31 regular season games instead of 29.

Men's Basketball » Early Season Tourney or MTE » 5/10/2023 12:42 pm

Dukes are the only A10 team not locked down for one of these. Link in original post has the latest updates.

Men's Basketball » A10 Way-Too-Early Power Rankings » 5/08/2023 10:40 am


FWIW, Tristan Freeman, author, has covered many of the Dukes games (and other A10 games) pretty deeply over the past couple of years. He seems to have good knowledge of college basketball and the A10.

Men's Basketball » Walk-on Commitment » 5/04/2023 8:58 pm

CLK wrote:

For those looking for information on Duquesne basketball, Johnny is probably the most dialed in. You may want to bookmark his site or follow him on Twitter.


Jonny is a good dude, funny and is as passionate about Duquesne basketball than anyone. Definitely worth a follow on Twitter.

Men's Basketball » Devin Carney in Portal » 5/04/2023 7:58 am

CLK wrote:

Devin Carney committed to Denver.


Best wishes to the local young man. I believe that he is back to a team and conference (Summit League) where he can compete and potentially excel. Very similar level to Elon (CAA) to which he committed out of Butler HS.

Basketball Recruiting » '23 Transfer Portal » 5/01/2023 3:51 pm

luckymcd wrote:

PhoenixRising2 wrote:

PhoenixRising2 wrote:

Some Primo Spears news....  On the move again!


Primo heading to Florida State.

That one surprises me. He seems to be the antithesis of a player Leonard Hamilton would go after.

Hamilton had a Dambrot-esqe type of anomaly season last year; the wheels came off and finished 9-23. This was Hamilton’s first losing season since 2005 and his worst defensive team ever by far and away. It will be an interesting experiment with Primo.

Basketball Recruiting » '23 Transfer Portal » 5/01/2023 8:35 am

PhoenixRising2 wrote:

Some Primo Spears news....  On the move again!


Primo heading to Florida State.

Men's Basketball » Transfer Portal Numbers by conference » 4/26/2023 1:41 pm

Thanks, CLK.
This is a look at the % of conference players in the portal (data about 2 weeks old, but correlates pretty closely to the above tweet). Evens it out a bit due to the 15 teams in the A10.


Men's Basketball » Andrei Savrasov Commits To Duquesne » 4/25/2023 8:33 am

Ironduke81 wrote:

Maybe Savrasov’s jersey number will #71 just like the guy across Forbes Ave that skates for the Penguins. Great pickup👍

It’s funny that I also thought of Geno when I heard that Andrei committed here. Unfortunately, NCAA rules prohibit the numbers 6, 7, 8 or 9 being used on a uniform. He could pay homage to Sergei Gonchar wearing 55. He has worn #12 throughout his college career, but that Dukes number is retired (Dick Ricketts).

Men's Basketball » Andrei Savrasov Commits To Duquesne » 4/23/2023 9:21 pm

Welcome, Andrei.
Here’s a video from Georgia Southern that highlights this young man’s journey from Russia to American college basketball. His coach at Georgia Southern, Brian Burg, was terminated which smoothed the way for his transfer to the Dukes.


Men's Basketball » Easley To Enter The Transfer Portal » 4/20/2023 7:41 pm

Kevin commits to Coastal Carolina.

Men's Basketball » Former Duke Amari Kelly heading to George Mason » 4/18/2023 1:12 pm


Posted by BluffHunter in another thread:
In A10 recruiting news, George Mason received a commitment  from Amari Kelly today. He played two years at UNCW after duquesne and re-enters the A10 as a grad transfer.

Basketball Recruiting » '23 Transfer Portal » 4/17/2023 12:55 pm

Jalen Benjamin - possible replacement for Tevin Brewer.336 Edits @336EditsMount St. Mary’s transfer Jalen Benjamin tells 336Edits he will announce his college decision today.Finalists: UNCW, Richmond, Santa Clara, and Duquesne.

=15px🚨 Transfer Portal Spotlight Jalen Benjamin 5’10” 160 Guard Mount St. Mary’s 1 Year of Eligibility Remaining 2022-23 Stats (31 Games): 📊 16 PPG, 4 APG, 3 RPG, 37 3P% 📶 88 Career Starts, 1519 Career Points. 🏅 2020 CUSA All-Freshman, 2x All-NEC/MAAC. 🎥 https://youtu.be/J-unMzRUThY


Men's Basketball » Quincy McGriff in Portal » 4/13/2023 7:12 pm

Quincy has committed to the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) - Conference USA.  Best wishes to him.

Men's Basketball » Devin Carney in Portal » 4/11/2023 10:29 pm

I was always curious regarding the fit with the Dukes. Devin was heading Elon before decommiting after their coach was replaced. Perhaps they took a shot on him because he was local and thought he could develop into a A10 caliber player - a reach. After practicing a year against some real quality A10 guards on the Bluff, perhaps he realized that he needed to drop down a bit in quality. And as you see from the offers, that’s where he will end up - a lower conference than the A10. Best wishes to him.

Men's Basketball » Early Season Tourney or MTE » 4/06/2023 11:14 am


Nothing yet being reported for the Dukes. Sure would be a good year to participate in some tourney against a couple of good teams to help with the NET ratings.

Also, I’m thinking that the Dukes will be heading somewhere internationally this year to take advantage of the additional practice time and games. Their last foreign tour was to the Bahamas in Aug 2019 that proceeded KD’s best season.

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