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Men's Basketball » Signings » 4/17/2024 9:43 am

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lakersnixon wrote:

The longer it goes without one of these guys committing the less likely it is one of them will commit.  KD used to get these guys to commit pretty quickly as he was a closer. I have heard Terry Weigand and another coach were fired.  This means there is a new group in charge of these visits and the pitch.  Terry seemed very experienced, the kids liked him, and he could relate to parents.  If this is true that two coaches were fired, this is a disappointment.

I agree that would be a disappointment.  I got to meet Terry a few times this past year and he was extremely personable and knowledgeable.  I wish they would update the fanbase regarding the coaching staff as I brought this up last week or two weeks ago on a post.  I was and am big fans of Rick McFadden and Terry Weigand.

Men's Basketball » Coaching Staff » 4/05/2024 12:50 pm

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When do we think we might hear about Dru's changing to the coaching staff.  With a lot of holes to fill on the team roster we know that Duquesne is hunting in the portal like everyone else just curious when we might hear he is staying and/or leaving the current staff.  We also know that Dru can fill a spot with his position now open if he wanted to.

Rick McFadden
Terry Weigand
Steve Wright - had ties with Dru in the past assuming he will stay on-board
Ari Stern
Andy Allison

I personally would like the staff to stay intact and have Dru add to it.  But with how quickly the offseason seems to be moving already I'd assume an announcement or some talk to start coming out.

Men's Basketball » Anybody know the place and time for Drus press conference? » 4/01/2024 12:17 pm

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CLK wrote:

I thought Dave Harper's comment on talking to a potential recruit this weekend with Dru was very intriguing.

Yeah I caught that too - very interesting.  And I believe Harper said it is something we would get really excited about.  It was  an interesting line

Basketball Recruiting » Verbal Commits Transfer Portal » 3/29/2024 10:31 am

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CLK wrote:

Nice job Townson and Luckymcd.  Perfect!

Thank you!  I was trying this morning while working!  Cannot wait to follow these next couple of weeks.  I might join that one website transferpotal for $4.99 a month and just do April/May to follow - I'll probably do that next week when I expect this to even heat up some more

Basketball Recruiting » Verbal Commits Transfer Portal » 3/20/2024 8:23 am

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This portal is insane already.  I wish they would leave it closed until Final Four or a Championship is crowned for the teams currently playing in the tournaments.  Just an crazy amount of players already, NCAA Basketball Free Agency!


Men's Basketball » Going To Omaha! » 3/18/2024 3:46 pm

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I pulled the trigger - me, my wife and good friend are going.

Let me know where everyone is sitting and staying!

Let's go Dukes!

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - University of Dayton Flyers (A10 Tourney) » 3/15/2024 9:24 am

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PistolPete wrote:

Biggest win in a long, long time.  Happy for KD and the kids.  Good for program, and just a stellar performance.  Agree about some of the foul calls, they gave Holmes a few that didn't happen on Dixon.  Let's enjoy this, Saturday against Schmidt will be tough, need the D to stay on their shooters, no surprises with either team at this point.  Met a younger guy Dukes fan/alum at Brush Creek dive bar in Warrendale - shout out to you buddy!!

Pistol - it was great meeting you at Brush Creek and talking Duquesne Hoops last Saturday!  Always great to talk Duquesne Hoops!  Hopefully we run into each other again soon!

I cannot describe the feelings after last night.  Just amazing.  Everyone is just playing their role so well.  The emotions and everything has been amazing to follow this tournament.  

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Davidson University Wildcats » 2/08/2024 10:07 am

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CityDuke wrote:

I think everyone can agree our rotations were getting more consistent over the last 5 games. However, rotations with Dambrot are performance dependent, as they should be in my opinion. He was clearly searching for the group that would perform as his two star guards did not show up. And credit to him, he seemed to have found it. His mix of Dimichele, Rozier, Drame, Savrasov, and Necas cut it to 4. He also went to a 3-2 zone that seemed to switch back into man after a certain number of passes during this period taking it from 46-31 to 46-42.

I was wondering why he didn't stay with the zone - that was working pretty good.  He went back to man and they made back-to-back dribble drives and pulled away again.  

I honestly thought he should have stuck with he zone and stuck with that lineup until it failed.  Dae Dae and Clark were cold - I would have stuck with that hot lineup.

Made no sense to me he changed everything when they cut it to 4.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Chicago State University Cougars » 2/01/2024 4:46 pm

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Being at the game last night and all game this season I have been open-minded to the different players playing but we are now at the point in the season where I believe we now who should be playing and who shouldn't.

The best lineup last night.  And it was on the court at the end and I believe the one stretch where Duquesne went up 29-21 or 28-21
     Trae Clark
     Dae Dae
     F. Drame

Duquesne's offense I believe runs more smooth without Kareem Rozier.  He just doesn't have the height to play 25-30 minutes a game.  I am fine with him coming off the bench and giving 10-12/per game and that is it.  Trae and Dae Dae were fine running the point and just gives Duquesne a different look with a bigger point guard.  I am open to Kareem is he actually shot well or drove to the hoop but he doesn't.

I am fine with Dixon not starting if it allows him to calm down and not foul right away.  He should then be first off the bench.  Start either Dusan or Tre Williams.

I thought Savrasov gave quality minutes and I could see him continuing that.  My main take is Kareem (and I love his passion and energy, not knocking the kid) just does not have the physical attributes to play as many minutes as he was.  DiMichele being 6'4 with Grant and Clark is a better fit for A-10 play.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - University of Richmond Spiders » 1/16/2024 1:25 pm

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This has to be a must-win game correct?

Hoping we have a game-plan in place.  


Men's Basketball » Game Thread - University of Dayton Flyers (H) » 1/15/2024 12:58 pm

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CLK wrote:

Bsduq208, Savrasov's play is a mystery to me.  His confidence seems to have taken a hit as he struggles to understand his role.  I guess the same could be said of the Drame twins.  Maybe some may disagree but to me these guys have all the tools to be really good players.  Savrasov is at his best when he takes the ball strong to the rack but needs to finish more consistently.  Again, the same could be said of the Drames. I could be wrong, but I think these guys will improve when and if Dambrot defines their roles.

I like Necas, but to me he needs to be more aggressive in driving the ball until he develops his three point shooting. Hei is a future star for the Dukes along with DiMichele.

Agreed - Savrasov some times looks so refined and good.  He has some strong moves to the hoop but he lacks the finish.  His play is a complete mystery to me.  And I might be overthinking it.  Same with Drames - agree again with you I just love their length on defense and their rebounding.  

I don't think Duquesne needs much - if those (3) combined could get 14 pts and 10 boards a game that would be fine with me.

Agree with Necas - he seems a little lost of the offensive side.  Such a big body already - really think he can be a star if he gains confidence on offense.  

It is so frustrating - I believe they have so many good pieces but they don't seem to be meshing together.  It is just so strange to me.  

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - University of Dayton Flyers (H) » 1/15/2024 11:13 am

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Thanks CLK I agree that Williams and Dixon have the best "touch" other than Mahoric (still out of shape) which is understandable since he has played in games for a year and a half.

I think the bigger lineup is the way to go. 

     Rozier is 1st guard off bench.  DiMichele 2nd.
     Mahoric/Barre to replace Dixon
     You can slide Drame to the (4) if Rozier comes in.

I am not knocking a player or don't want to sound negative but to me Savrasov I just don't see having minutes.  I rather see Necas play.  I think Necas' defensively is ahead of his offensive game.  I thought he did a good job guarding Holmes and help doubling him since he is quicker laterally. I rather see more from him than Savrasov - coach D gave him his chance and he has not capitalized. 

I think both Drames are long, hustle, rebound and play good defense.  Their scoring isn't great but if they do the things above I think we would be ok.

Tre started the 2nd half off so strong and then basically never saw the court again - just lost on why.  He played only 11 minutes - maybe still getting into game shape but would have liked to see him bore around 16-18 minutes.  I believe it would have gone a long way.


Men's Basketball » Game Thread - University of Dayton Flyers (H) » 1/15/2024 10:24 am

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I am no basketball coach or expert but I thought the difference in the Dayton game were two items.
1.)  Shooting the ball
2.)  Coaching.

If Duquesne shots the 3-ball half decent it is a one possession game.  I do not understand Coach Dambrot's subs during the game.  Beginning of 2nd half Tre Williams starts and makes two great moves down low and makes both baskets and around the 16:41 mark is taken out of the game.  Do not understand why.

Jake DiMichele is playing very very well - why didnt we see him more in the rotation during non-confernece?

Listening to post-game press conference, to me, it is frustrating to hear Coach say he pretty much has no idea of a rotation and who to play coming off the bench.  That is what non-conference is for.  I understand we had 2 key injuries to Williams and Mahoric but we should have a better feel of rotation.

Andrei Savrasov has been a disappointment for me.  He lacks aggression of a 5th year player - we needed him or one of the Drames to step up at the 4 spot and that has not occurred.

I am 50/50 on Rozier, cannot figure him out.  I think the lineup is better with him coming off the bench.  I think Duquesne is at their best with this possibly:
PG:  Clark
SG:  Grant
SF:  Drame
PF:  Williams
C:  Dixon

I personally like the bigger lineup over the smaller lineup, especially in A-10 play.  Rozier, DiMichele, Mahoric, Barre and other Drame coming off bench.  

Just some random thoughts.

Men's Basketball » Why has there been a drop in posters ? » 1/15/2024 10:16 am

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I love this board and have been an avid follower/reader for many many years.  The negative comments don't bother me as I think that is part of the back-and-forth and banter.  I actually think there is always great discussion, opinions and point of views mentioned on this board.

I think the slow down recently has to do with the play on the court.  I was a graduate of Duquesne in 2008 and Grad School in 2010.  My sister, brother, cousin, dad and uncle were all graduates.  My dad and Uncle had season tickets for many years (both have passed away).  I was so excited for this season I bought (2) season tickets to keep our family tradition going.

I don't want to speak for everyone but I believe no one thought we would be sitting an 9-6 overall and 0-3 in conference play.  And this brings some disappointment and lack of interest.  I thought they had a good non-conference slate and played well and these first three conference games have taken the stem away from the year and program.

Men's Basketball » Does Anyone Know KD's Contract Status » 12/28/2023 5:11 pm

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I think this is the last year if I remember correctly….I could be wrong though.

I have heard some rumors of him retiring end of year and Dru Joyce taking over but pure speculation and rumors.

Men's Basketball » Ticket against Bradley » 12/12/2023 8:29 pm

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Anyone know if you can actually go to the Bradley game?

Was trying to find a way to buy tickets and do a quick road trip but with it being a high school gym I don’t know if possible.

Men's Basketball » Game Thread - Cleveland State University Vikings » 11/06/2023 10:27 pm

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My observations:

-Student turnout was great.
-I wish some more season tickets folks would be louder/stand out.
- Trae and Dae Dae are nice to have.  Both were solid
- Like both Drame brothers.  Play long on defense and just solid.
-  Rozier - love the heart but he wasn’t great defensively and doesn’t scare opposing teams on offense I feel but its 1 game
- Barre played well since first “game” action in like 10 months - keep playing him
-  Dixon was good
- Trae Williams is leaner and seemed to be moving quicker.
- Andrei S. - wasn’t impressed or disappointed kind of “meh” effort.  Expected more being a veteran
- Wonder where Hronsky was - personally think he is a better player than Jake DiMichele

Great atmosphere, little too close but a win is a win!

Go Dukes!

Men's Basketball » Duquesne Men’s Basketball Coaches Show » 11/01/2023 3:15 pm

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Did anyone catch the The Duquesne Basketball Coach's Show, hosted by Tim Benz, premieres Tuesday, Oct. 31, at 5:30 p.m., when head coach Keith Dambrot of the men's program previews the 2023-24 season for the Dukes. A rebroadcast of the season premiere will be rebroadcast Monday, Nov. 6, at 6:30 p.m., just prior to Duquesne hosting Cleveland State for a 7:00 p.m. tip

I kissed it handing out candy in the neighborhood was wondering if anyone was able to catch it and see what was discussed?

Basketball Recruiting » Deuce Jones » 10/26/2023 12:16 pm

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Nice - I was doing some quick research ESPN has him as a 4* and 24/7 Sports as a 3*

Looks like this could be a sneaky good signing!  I know the stars don’t mean they will be amazing but his video on twitter looks pretty good too!

Lets Go Dukes!

Men's Basketball » Injury update » 9/14/2023 8:31 pm

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I agree - I am hoping to attend the October 5th Duquesne Tip Off Event being a new season ticket holder.

I really want to know about the health status of:  Barre, Hronsky, and Mahoric.  Don’t need details just an update on where they are at and if cleared to play.  Maybe throw David Dixon in there as well.

Men's Basketball » Scheduling » 8/30/2023 3:54 pm

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PhoenixRising2 wrote:

As of today, 195 of the 362 D-1 teams have released their non-conference schedules.  The Dukes still have 4 games to fill.  I'm starting to get a bit concerned that the Dukes may have to face one or two non-Division 1 teams on their schedule at home.  

Yeah I was hoping we would see a non-conference schedule soon to start talk about it.  Especially with September approaching.  Looking forward to Princeton game.

The wife and I bought a whole season ticket package so super excited for the season!!

Go Dukes!

Basketball Recruiting » 2025 -Quinn Woidke » 7/27/2023 7:37 pm

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Per Jake Lieberman - Twitter

Quinn Woidke tells me that these programs are recruiting him the hardest:

Kent State
Ohio U
Miami (OH)

-2025 6'1 combo guard from Cleveland

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