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November 2019

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7/08/2016 12:58 am  #1

Dukes' QB vs Sacred Heart's QB @ Rooney rated 1 of top FCS match-ups


Excerpts from the article:

"On a Saturday of college football action, perhaps the most exhilarating secondary matchup occurs between two top quarterbacks whose teams are squaring off.  The field generals may not share the field at the same time, but each is well aware of what the other is doing.Many top quarterbacks return across the FCS this season.

Here is a countdown of the 10 best QB matchups:

# 7.  RJ Noel (Sacred Heart) at Dillon Buechel (Duquesne), Nov. 12 - Buechel is considered the best passing QB in the Northeast Conference, having thrown for 7,455 yards and 52 touchdowns in his career.  But Noel - not Buechel - has been voted as the NEC's first-team signal caller each of the past three seasons."


7/08/2016 10:19 am  #2

Re: Dukes' QB vs Sacred Heart's QB @ Rooney rated 1 of top FCS match-ups

All I care about is winning. The other kid can keep the tin cups. We'll take the league title trophy again, thank you.


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