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Fall of 2023

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9/19/2017 8:22 pm  #1

Tommy Stuart NEC Offensive Player of the Week

Call him Touchdown Tommy Stuart for his 4 TD game Sat against Dayton earning him NEC Offensive Player of the Week honors! Dukes lost one of the best ever  at Q in Dylan Buechel but Tommy Stuart runs the RPO (run pass option) as well as anyone! Long ball to Nehari was a thing of beauty too! PS can't believe Dukes don't have a road game this weekend! Go Dukes


9/20/2017 5:32 am  #2

Re: Tommy Stuart NEC Offensive Player of the Week

Plus he gives Bumbraugh more time to develop, after which he can be a solid three year starter.

​We seem to be loaded at receiver again this year. Kellon Taylor must be a matchup nightmare for some 5-9 CB. Even if you bring safety help, that 6-5 basketball frame is going to come down with the ball.


9/20/2017 6:29 am  #3

Re: Tommy Stuart NEC Offensive Player of the Week

El Duque that's exactly what happened on his touchdown,reminiscent of Plaxico goal line play Steelers used to run! Also,while I like Brumbaugh and I have to  admit to some bias and lack  of impartiality, I would not count out Alex Smith pushing for the job next year.My stepson was his all conference TE at Keystone Oaks and also played as a DE against Brumbaugh .

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