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Fall of 2023

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9/30/2017 9:13 pm  #1

Dukes Win Home Opener

After a sluggish scoreless  first quarter and without AJ or PJ, the Dukes steamrolled the Bobcats of West Virginia Wesleyan in the second quarter to take a 24 to 0 halftime lead.  The Dukes pushed it to 38 to 0 and put in the subs and Bobcats  then scored twice.Freshman RB Murray looked good but can't red shirt him now. Carter Henderson returned and looked good blocking  FG on Bobcats first possession.

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9/30/2017 9:31 pm  #2

Re: Dukes Win Home Opener

Dukes made me nervous in that 1st quarter. The offense couldn't get anything going and WV-W probably hada 4 third down conversions in the 1st quarter alone. They looked sharper by the 2nd quarter. Hopefully they got all the rough patches out of the system because now the games will start counting.

3-1. that's what we hoped for at the start of the season and we got there. Let's go Dukes.

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10/01/2017 10:08 am  #3

Re: Dukes Win Home Opener

Saw this photo of the 1941  undefeated Duquesne Dukes who were ranked #8 by the AP and finished the season beating Mississippi State 16-0 at Forbes Field in a rematch of the 1938 Orange Bowl. There were two All-Americans on that team including my cousin Al Demao (#63 Center).  When I think about him I am reminded of what a true American hero was.  Duquesne All-American, decorated war hero,  All-Pro, and voted one of the 70 greatest Redskins of all time.  Duquesne has a proud football heritage.  Go Dukes!   



10/01/2017 11:57 am  #4

Re: Dukes Win Home Opener

CLK thanks sooooo much and I agree. In 1977 we were playing at Catholic university in a big game and Coach McCann told us about Al DeMao as he was in attendance. I am proud to say that I had already known about him from my dad and all about Duquesne football and tradition. Again thanks so much and love the picture. JACK

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10/01/2017 7:31 pm  #5

Re: Dukes Win Home Opener

Thanks Judge. DU had some great coaches coaches back then also including Aldo "Bluff  Donelli, and the great Elmer Layden. 


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