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11/20/2017 1:34 pm  #1

Banaszak resigns at Bobby Mo

Chip Kelly, John Harbaugh, and Rex Ryan top the list of candidates.

Just kidding. Any guess who might get a look see? Any of the DU coaches?


11/20/2017 5:32 pm  #2

Re: Banaszak resigns at Bobby Mo

Thanks for the update and I didn't realize.  Personally I liked Banny as ex marine and Steeler but never got it going at RMU.I know that Cal hired Coach Dunn away 2 years ago and Coaches Opfar and Russell  have been head coaches,  but I don't foresee them  or any other assistants leaving for RMU head coach job! At least I hope not.There are  some good  assistants on staff that might be attractive  candidates though! Thanks again


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