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Fall of 2023

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11/27/2017 1:22 pm  #1

RMU Football Coach Speculation

Hello all, I know this is a Duquesne fan forum and I am also aware we seem to have some RMU followers(Hahaha) so I  thought it might be fun to follow up with speculation about their new coach? Hank Frawley RMU grad former NFL player and recent UCLA O line Coach? Bob Palko? Tom Bradley? Any ideas? Hope you are all well and had a great Thanksgiving. PS I do think it matters to Duquesne who the next coach is for recruiting and other reasons!

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11/27/2017 3:08 pm  #2

Re: RMU Football Coach Speculation

I know I shouldn't do the Robby Moe's any favors. But how about a coach who had a lot of success at Duquesne before moving on to a Power 5 school?

No, not Jim Ferry. 

I mean Greg Gattusso. He's currently the head man at Albany, is from the area, and certainly is a great coach. Another candidate might be Scott Knapp, former Duquesne QB and currently offensive coordinator at Juniata.


11/28/2017 5:28 am  #3

Re: RMU Football Coach Speculation

Maybe they should go "The Successful High School Coach Route"  In some cases the Coaches DON'T have teaching/administrative jobs at their schools -  And may have better friendships/contacts with the other High School Coaches in the area.  Might make it easier for them to get recruits.  Don't know the kind of $$ an individual makes but how about Terry Smith (I think that is his name) currently an Assistant at PSU - long time head coach at Gateway High School.


11/28/2017 5:28 pm  #4

Re: RMU Football Coach Speculation

Thanks for sharing your thoughts El Duque and SkepticAl and I think Terry Smith is interested. I appreciate update on Knapp too and always liked him at Duquesne

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