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Fall of 2023

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12/04/2017 12:19 pm  #1

Falling Short

I am a casual follower, but always want to see the Dukes do well.  I've attended a few games when it fits into my schedule, but certainly don't claim to follow the team as some others do on this board; so I wanted to get your opinions as to what the team was missing this season that caused it to fall short of its goal of a Conference Championship.  I know they were just a FG away from the win, but it seemed that all of the ducks were lined up for a victory, that perhaps should not have come down to a late FG, i.e. experienced talented QB, high level award winning running back, a receiving corps that really took off this season, and some highly regarded and experienced defensive stars.  Perhaps CCSU was just a better team; I don't know, but maybe someone can enlighten me as to what happened?
In general,  it seems that the football program is one of the more successful in it's conference, and is in contention for the championship on a regular basis.  The coaches seem to have some good contacts in the DMV, Florida and the South to bring in talented players from those areas.  I just wonder why they aren't able to achieve the goal of winning the Conference Championship more often. 


12/05/2017 7:42 pm  #2

Re: Falling Short

Thanks for posting this and you raise some good points  levon1975.I am going to suggest that you read posts after the last couple of games and you will get some good perspectives and insights from regular posters. I  recall  CLK raised some decisions in CCSU game that didn't  pan out and I  agreed with him that the Dukes should have gone for 2 after 1st extra point miss.I also think we have good coaches and many game decisions can  legitimately  be argued both ways.I  believe  this staff and the players would say that they believed themselves to be the best team in the last 2 years and beat themselves more than anything else.

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12/05/2017 8:58 pm  #3

Re: Falling Short

Thanks for sharing Fjhryn and I also understand and respect your opinion tremendously . Additionally  I probably would have gone for it on 4th down too btw and my only original  point was that I honestly believe most of the game decisions can be argued both ways. I  truly don't see much argument at all for kicking the extra point after first miss as that point does you little   13 relative to going for 2 and 12 or possibly 14. The coaches charts say go for 2 I am pretty sure and I recognize that their were other decisions  fans have a right to question.  I  also agree team seemed to lose something but I  remain a big fan of this coaching staff.  Thanks again for the post too and for following Dukes football


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