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November 2019

Duquesne Women's basketball

November 2019

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7/11/2018 3:19 pm  #1

New WBB article

I just wrote a new article on the Atlantic 10 WBB home/road splits, summing up what is known about the non-conference schedule, including a new game and some odds and ends about A-10's this year and the current roster make up. A lot to digest in this one.



7/12/2018 12:06 pm  #2

Re: New WBB article

the idea of hosting a late-stage A10 tournament game excites me beyond how successful home teams have been in A10 tournament games. I know it's not traditional but it costs a lot to commit to making a weekend out of a tournament in Richmond. Last year I almost went and then we got knocked out in the first round so...

what i'm trying to say is i wouldn't mind a year or two of campus sites.

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7/12/2018 6:50 pm  #3

Re: New WBB article

Campus sites makes the regular season very important.


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