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November 2019

Duquesne Women's basketball

November 2019

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8/02/2018 7:18 pm  #1

Keys for a successful season

Some of you may not agree (which creates good dialog), but here's my take on the keys for a successful season:

1)- More balanced scoring from the posts as well as from the guards, especially when the 3-pointers are not falling.
     This becomes more critical when the Dukes are on the road.  More inside play often leads to more free throws. 
2)- The defense must minimize penetration into the paint by the opposition. We are not the quickest, nor most
      athletic team around so we must adjust and find ways to make the other team more uncomfortable when they
      have the ball.  eg- I have watched teams less athletic than Duquesne use effective aggressive/match-up zones
      against much quicker teams. 
3)- Minimize offensive rebounds by the opponent. We have to box out more consistently.

I wanted to add a fourth key- be more physical going to the rim or defending, but I don't believe you can teach physicality. 

If the Dukes can consistently achieve those first three objectives, I will predict an NCAA berth.


8/04/2018 12:32 pm  #2

Re: Keys for a successful season

If the team improves in these areas, then an A10 championship is very possible. I think that two players will help right away with these areas. Both Nina Aho and Laia Sole are more physical players. Laia gives us a low post player. Nina is not a stand still shooter. She can get to the hoop. The Dukes will still be smallish. The two Texas teams will have huge inside ladies that we lack. Look at how many bigs the men brought in. We need a couple on the ladies side. I agree that more zone D might be appropriate.

We have always played three guards. Wonder if Coach would consider using a big front line from time to time in games. Lass, Sole and Staffelino would be intriguing together. Would definitely have to play zone, but you could match up with a St. Joe’s who usually plays three bigger kids.

We still should be able to score, but with this schedule, defense will tell. Can this team press from time to time like the NCAA team did? Looking forward to Dan’s adjustments as we all know he is a very smart coach who wins.


8/14/2018 5:23 pm  #3

Re: Keys for a successful season

Sorry for the delay in responding.  I agree with everything you say; especially the idea of occasionally going with a large front line.  I would add Eniko to the list.  When she's focused, she is the only player on the team who can rebound out of position.

Scoring will not be a problem. Agree that defense is the key.  As far as rebounding is concerned, the Dukes must get better at positioning and blocking out- as a way to counter some of the more athletic opponents.

Should be an interesting season.

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