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Fall of 2023

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9/05/2018 2:46 pm  #1

Rooney is a Pefect Soccer Field BUT...

I was watching the replay from the Duquesne/Detroit soccer game and realized just how perfect Rooney is for soccer.  (They won 3-0). See-


But as it is, Rooney Field is bush league for a D-1 Conference Football that has two BCS games on its schedule this year.  This is terrible for recruiting and for creating a collegiate football atmosphere.  Central Catholic won't even play their games at Rooney anymore.  The right endzone is actually pretty dangerous.

If Pitt can play at Heinz, the Dukes can bring in a bigger crowd to enjoy the view and real collegiate experience from Highmark.  They just completed an expansion to 5,000 seats and its a fantastic stadium!!!  Clarion realized this and opened their season there.

Time to add more seats or play at least some football at Highmark Stadium and leave Rooney for soccer!

(Reposted in part from Soccer Page)

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9/06/2018 5:33 pm  #2

Re: Rooney is a Pefect Soccer Field BUT...

Could not agree More, And as I said in another post I think with Highmark and others you can problem get them to pay for some of it, as opposed to paying it all on your campus and tearing your campus up.  More on the ends and a little more on side of river to not block the view totally. 3500 to 4500 more in addition to the 5000 there.


9/06/2018 8:35 pm  #3

Re: Rooney is a Pefect Soccer Field BUT...

I've made the same case as well in other postings on this board.  Partner with the riverhounds, get some signage, and make the games an event off campus.  However, if it's going to cost us a lot of money to play there, I would oppose the move.

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