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Fall of 2023

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9/05/2018 4:47 pm  #1

First time on in a while...

Just random thoughts...

1. Was expecting Alex Smith to be in the QB fray this year. I guess the Juco route was too enticing. Good or bad it seems Duquesne is starting to be a program enticing the old school drop back passers that have been neglected for the "roll out athlete" type for programs in transition from one coach to another. The Duquesne QB is a niche market.

2. I was very disappointed in the Umass score. The Dukes never gave themselves a chance to keep it close like Buffalo. Umass is improved with experience but not convinced that they are wholesale better than that Buffalo team of a few years ago. Just meaning this game should have been much closer to that game. A 28 to 35/42 Umass victory. Umass with an athlete or 2 to burn a "less" athletic nickel/3rd string Duquesne D back.  I think the Duquesne vs. Lock Haven was more indicative of what the Dukes will be...

3. That said do the Dukes beat a higher level PSAC school now? IDK, a decade ago  they had some rough scrimmages vs. better PSAC comp than Lock Haven. I do think the Dukes beat that level by a touchdown in a shootout, but still will avoid scheduling them. The Dukes win or lose are up to getting on the "big boys" schedule which at 1 time was the FCS Powerhouses, YSU & Liberty (now FBS). They have reached the money games of FBS on a consistent basis. It is win/win now they have to focus on. They make money from these schools, it is higher profile, If they get blown out? Oh well they should have lost, If they win they are the mightly Underdog story. Although I would love to see where my IUP stands now, If I were Duquesne I stay far away from them , a Cal or the Rock. Much like Pitt needs to stay away early form YSU or a James Madison. Those are NO WIN situations. in reality a healthy top level 1 step lower team can field an equivalent, or very close, starting 22. Again first game there is no fear of depth.

4. Cant wait to see Hawaii. Although they have a spread offense and passing. Sadly they could reach 70, at least. :/ But I will be happy if the Dukes can put up 35. A game just to see if the Dukes can at least hang offensively going into the season and possible FCS playoffs. I am happy the Dukes are taking a 90 minute , or an hour 10 minutes on 70/79 going at least 80 in a 70mph limit trip to Morgantown. I am happy though it is not this year. Would have to rely on Dana to call off the dogs. But that said, and previously noted, If the Panthers can play Albany, they can play the Dukes. I think both the Dukes and Danes are right at about the same level. A pure horizontal move for Coach Gattuso. But I still think the Dukes have a little more potential than them, and much more over their FCS counterpart Greater PGH area, Bobby Mo.

5. Which has me asked how "committed" are they to moving up to a possible, CAA level? One move I would do now is invite an FBS team to the Burgh to play a game at the "hallowed" Steeler grounds, The Rooney's should be able to help with that. Even if a modest FBS team such as a MAC school right across the border, I.E. Kent or Akron. Second, I am one of those Duquesne fans that says have Rooney as your practice, track & field, Buy another bubble for indoor use, field. Work with Highmark/ Hounds to add an additional 3-5000 on the sides, and smaller stands to side on river ,so view not totally blocked, to make a modest but respectable 8-10000 seat field. Rooney is set, and honestly on the Cliff you can only get so creative and Duquesne can not "convince" others to help share cost with. Sort of along the lines of Basketball. The Palumbo is good enough for most of the A-10 but you can get, or should be able to get a Big boy for PPG. Parlay a much better regular season tilt at a "respectable" venue across the river and entice the biggest games to come to Heinz, in what should be a "public" venue. This essentially is what Pitt needs to do also. Squeeze a 35-40000 seat venue somewhere off of 2nd avenue near hot metal bridge or in Oakland. Hold ND or PSU, WVU at the big house.

6. I would not mind another FBS team if The Dukes were interested. Sunbelt, MAC something like a Rice/Houston, Miami/FIU. but would take an even higher level, I.E. YSU, here in the big city. I think they want to step up, realistically step up just FCS level, I am hoping they do. CAA would be best fit. Although YSU is a stones throw away they play a Midwest schedule. The CAA is Tough but a  "better" Northeast based conference, probably more similar institutions.

 I like the Dukes and it has been interesting to see where they have come from and the trajectory they seem to be taking. This year is really a step up with 2 FBS teams. Really interesting! I have to live vicariously through the Dukes as an IUP Grad. Was surprised one time Coach Chuck Klausing had us penciled in as FBS back in the day. He just could not quite get the state help due to a shortfall that particular year. Plans were for an arena like they have now, 5,000 seats and a 25,000 seat stadium.


9/05/2018 5:13 pm  #2

Re: First time on in a while...

Thanks for sharing these thoughts BigIke and especially interested in Coach Klausing and his efforts to upgrade an already outstanding program to FBS or 1A back then I suppose. Remember watching IUP in the Boardwalk Bowl and  today hope Duquesne football keeps improving or trying to upgrade talent by increasing the number of scholarships.


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