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10/01/2018 8:14 pm  #1

Mya Murray


According to this ranking, 2020 Mya Murray 6’3” Uniontown Center prospect has committed to Duquesne. Nice local get if it comes to fruition.


10/08/2018 11:03 am  #2

Re: Mya Murray

There may be more 'big' surprises for the class of 2020.


6/16/2019 7:10 pm  #3

Re: Mya Murray

For Skeptic Al, Mya Murray has committed to Brown


6/16/2019 8:18 pm  #4

Re: Mya Murray

That's the gal I was referring to, but couldn't remember her name.  Too bad, but hopefully that opens up another slot and Dan can get a quality recruit. 


6/16/2019 9:43 pm  #5

Re: Mya Murray

At one point I saw something like she was the 32nd ranked player in the WPIAL - while she would have had two years to improve (it was early-mid season last year) and you can't TEACH 6'3" - here's hoping the scholarship can be better put to use.


6/17/2019 10:40 am  #6

Re: Mya Murray

For Skeptic-Al; I am with you.  Since Dan was looking for size, perhaps he goes back to his European pipe-line and finds another 6'3 (or taller), gal who would feel comfortable in Duquesne's international BB environment. 
Not sure at this late date who in the U.S. (with any size and potential), might be available, but who knows?


6/18/2019 10:31 pm  #7

Re: Mya Murray

sperlman wrote:

That's the gal I was referring to, but couldn't remember her name.  Too bad, but hopefully that opens up another slot and Dan can get a quality recruit. 

You claim to be an ambassador for women's basketball, yet you use the term "gal" not once, but two times. How out of touch are you? How many of the female Duquesne student-athletes would appreciate being referred to as "gal"? Or the other teams you claim to be so close with? How would a future Ivy League educated woman like Mya Murray react to be called "gal"?

Please take your criticism and your 1950s lexicon away from Duquesne. The beauty about message boards is you have the opportunity to decide if you are 100 percent sure before you hit the Submit button. The additional beauty is that once you do, you can become immortalized as a person who clearly has no respect for women. You opted for the later and that's how you will be remembered.


6/19/2019 9:51 am  #8

Re: Mya Murray

The Administrator of this site called for more decency and here you go, launching shots that do nothing to promote stimulating discussion.  

I will not personally attack you (as you have done to me), but only to say that in interviews and casual chats I've had with women's college and several WNBA players over the years, AND with several women's coaches, the word "gal" was used.  That means those women are also stuck in the '50s.

However, if I have personally offended you by using "gal", I apologize to you and will try not to use it again. 

Regarding the comment 'ambassador' I would be curious to hear- what you have personally done (since you began following women's basketball) to promote the women's game and how long have you been doing it?  

I can go into detail on what I have done to promote the women's game, but there are folks on this site who will attack me for anything I write- as 'showing off'.  

Going back to what our Administrator has asked us:  Let's get back to talking about Duquesne WBB. We can disagree, but let's do so respectfully.  There are so many interesting topics we can discuss- What are the strengths of the incoming class? Weaknesses?  What about the returnees?  Who do we think should start in the post?  What kind of non-conference schedule should Dan and his staff put together to prepare the Dukes for conference? What can Duquesne do to increase attendance (to acquire a true home court advantage)? - this last question in particular has been a high agenda item (for me) for almost ten seasons.

I will not personally attack you or attack anyone else.  That's so childish, but I'm very secure in what I say and will respectfully defend my comments.  You may not like many of my posts, but I try to add a perspective from someone who has been  extremely close to the women's game and the BB programs of many schools over the past 36 years

Go Dukes!    


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