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Wednesday, December 6: Duquesne @ Marshall 7:00 PM
Friday, December 8: St. Peter's @ Duquesne 7:00 PM
Monday, December 18: Lebron James Center in Akron- Bradley vs. Duquesne - 8:00 PM according to DU site.

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10/25/2018 10:24 am  #1

Dukes finally show potential- Top #23 Rhode Island

The Duquesne men's team is finally showing the potential of their highly rated recruiting class by beating #23 Rhode Island.

This is the program's first win agains a ranked opponent.  Playoffs are very much on the line.

Way to go gentlemen!!!


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10/26/2018 10:27 am  #2

Re: Dukes finally show potential- Top #23 Rhode Island

In this hoopla, it's worth noting the Dukes start at least 6 freshmen a game. 12 freshmen are seeing minutes.

Also, they aren't just getting lucky. They've enjoyed heavy possession and shot advantages of late. They lead the NCAA in corners last I checked

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