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Thursday - 12/8 Home - Marshall - 7:00 PM
Sunday - 12/11 Home - New Mexico State - 4:00 PM
Wednesday - 12/14 Home - DePaul - 7:00 PM

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11/24/2018 6:16 pm  #1

Talk is cheap

The Dukes move on. SDSU will not be so easy. Too bad their QB isn't the Red Rocket's kid brother.


11/24/2018 8:15 pm  #2

Re: Talk is cheap

Congrats as I said before in another thread. When someone starts an SDSU thread I’ll try to add some notes on what the Jacks team is this year. A little different than what we were last year.


11/24/2018 9:59 pm  #3

Re: Talk is cheap

I have tremendous respect for SDSU. And their fans.

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11/25/2018 12:59 pm  #4

Re: Talk is cheap

ElDuque wrote:

I have tremendous respect for SDSU. And their fans.

That line goes both ways...looking forward to matching up next Saturday, pray for snow if there is any moisture. Trust me 25 degree rain in SD is no fun at all.


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