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November 2020 (Hopefully)

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November 2020 (Hopefully)

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5/12/2019 10:08 pm  #1

Great Giants Mini-Camp Report on Crawford

From the Giant’s own web site by John Schmelk.

“Jones’ best throw in practice came on a bullet on a deep post to tryout receiver from Duquesne, Nehari Crawford. He beat Julian Love and Jones threaded the needle to him in stride for the big gain. I haven’t see Crawford, who is built like a slot receiver, drop a pass.”

...and an even better and more positive write up here!

“...he has Beckham-like traits. With his footwork and ball skills, Crawford could very well end up being one of these invites that makes the roster. The more weapons for Eli Manning and eventually Jones, the better.”

Rest of article here-


And from the Big Blue-

New Camp Hero Long Shot: WR Nehari Crawford. 
TC : 5/5/2019 1:27 am : link
"Caught everything in sight."

From Duquesne, Crawford, listed at 5'11" 175 is one tough skinny dude. Highlight video below shows great hands, tremendous toughness and strength for his size, exceptional contact balance and field vision. Has the ability to find open spots and elude tacklers.

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Attitude is everything

5/13/2019 7:06 am  #2

Re: Great Giants Mini-Camp Report on Crawford

Thanks for sharing Coffee!!!


5/13/2019 7:10 am  #3

Re: Great Giants Mini-Camp Report on Crawford

Thanks for sharing Coffee!!!Seriously thinking that this could happen! I think it is a matter of time before Duquesne has someone playing on Sundays again.  Next year AJ will be the first draft pick since the 1950s?


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