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3/22/2020 10:59 am  #1

A Real Treat - NCAA Win Against Seton Hall


The Women’s Basketball site celebrated the NCAA win with a commemorative review of the game. This was easily the best team we have had. Things that stood out in this game:
1) The team was in total attack mode the whole game.
2) The defense was outstanding and the Dukes outscrapped a very physical team.
3) The Dukes led the whole way and when the lead was cut to four in the third quarter, the Dukes showed the killer instinct and clubbed SHU with a 15-0 run.
4) The quickness that the team displayed was amazing.
5) The passing was spectacular, especially against the press. Not once did SHU get a real double team. In the offensive sets, the ball movement and extra passes were fantastic.
6) This was not April’s best offensive game, but it showed why we retired her jersey. She was in complete control of the game mentally.  A true leader.
7) Dev Workman was unreal. She dominated with a double-double. Effort and ability.
8) I came to appreciate what Millie Gronas brought to the table. Smart, quick, aggressive. Contributed greatly.
9) Amadea and Kadri Ann owned the inside game. I want to go back and count how many times Amadea picked herself off the floor and soldiered on. Two bigs that did not back down. Both scored big.
10) The bench led by Chassidy and Breanna was super solid.

This team won 28 games. This video encapsulates why. The video is an hour and ten minutes of pure pleasure with analysis by the great Doris Burke. This is a real treat while we have no Tournaments.

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3/22/2020 9:37 pm  #2

Re: A Real Treat - NCAA Win Against Seton Hall


Even though it is one game -  IT IS UNQUESTIONABLY THE BEST GAME THE LADIES HAVE EVER PLAYED --  I always thought the school might have missed the beat in not creating DVD's of the game -  Perhaps they could have sold some at the start of the next season -  Do think the school/athletic department missed a beat when they raised the banner before the season as opposed to doing it on opening night.

Hopefully they provided the players with one as a momento.

While it could be difficult to return to the Big Dance -  (And even more difficult to duplicate a performance like that)  HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL


4/06/2020 9:56 pm  #3

Re: A Real Treat - NCAA Win Against Seton Hall

Thanks for posting!  Amazing game.  Enjoyed the announcers commentary of how well coached the Dukes were.

Attitude is everything

10/21/2020 3:01 pm  #4

Re: A Real Treat - NCAA Win Against Seton Hall

great to look back


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