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3/29/2020 6:04 pm  #1

Another Construction Delay- Med School?

I've always thought that Duquesne was ignoring part of its original mission and charter going back to Fr. Hehir and the rapid growth to include programs such as pharmacy by not establishing a medical school.  Duquesne could have been at the center of a Catholic University Health Care System similar to Detroit Mercy had they done so earlier.  This would have prevented the near monopoly the UPMC had when they forced our St. Francis Hospital, Divine Providence and the rest and would obviously included Mercy next door and extending the campus further towards Oakland.
AHN, thankfully survived but both they and UPMC reinvest more of their money as corporate giants rather than following the original mission of Mercy, DP, and St. Francis.  Oh well...

I just wonder if this pandemic is going to hold up both the COOP and the new Medical School building.   

Attitude is everything

4/15/2020 10:22 am  #2

Re: Another Construction Delay- Med School?

I dont know all the rules on who can work and who cant, but construction is halted on the Coop, but yet I hear at least 2 teams of roofers pounding away in my neighborhood today.   I assume a roof is essential, esp if the project started prior to the shutdown???
Anyway, hopefully construction projects are one of the first things that can get back to work as we being rolling out from this lockdown.


4/21/2020 9:50 am  #3

Re: Another Construction Delay- Med School?

caught the tail end of something on WTAE last night about a team playing their home games away from home again this season, so not sure if they talked to Harper or KD or el presidente regarding Coop construction.   But I also saw today a couple construction projects were given the ok to resume, but the Coop wasnt one of them, so hopefully it will be soon.


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