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10/08/2020 8:01 am  #1

Al's Proposal For 2020-2021 Season

Following Idea (s) can be tweaked of course for the 2020-2021 Season.

League would be divided into two groups of seven - teams would play 19 games - two against each of the others in your group - once against the other seven.

Games would be played on weekends at Campus Sites/Pods.

Each weekend there would be three pods of four teams - and one pod of two teams (or two pods of six teams one pod of two teams - don't know if proper cleaning could occur in the six team pods)  Would be double headers at the four team sites of triple headers at the six team sites.  For the 19 games each team would have an equal number of home, away and neutral site games (Hopefully some computer algortithim ensures this)

Realize there could be some problems -  Play back to back days five days off in between -- St Louis is kind of isolated (that is a problem regardless) Where would DU play their home games - that depends on when the Cooper Center is ready -  State Borders/Quarrantines (that is out of the league's control.

Here are some pluses

No mid week road trips - makes educational aspect easier (even with on line etc)  We are dealing with COLLEGE STUDENTS HERE!!!!

Dan and the Staff (and the players) could see some of their upcoming opposition in person - am presuming even with limited no attendance players coaches would be permitted to watch the games at the sites -  Obviously the groupings/sites change each weekend.

Might be easier on officials -  Now they put together some kind of groupings etc.  This would ensure the A-10 officials would be getting two weekend games - no over night travel between the games -  Maybe working with the same crews could invite more consistency -  (could be a problem if you get the same crew back to back days)

Don't have to worry about "scheduling up" - where A-10 tries to get games against higher ranked conferences or "scheduling down" where the opposite it true -  Can play games (start of season) against other A-10 teams in the scenario - counts in total record but not league record.  Teams could of course add individual games or "tournament games" on their own --  For example DU could find a way to play Pitt somewhere if both teams can work it out (mid-week)

Realize this may have other flaws (is assuming no positive tests cause forefits - testing is available before the weekends etc)  BUT JUST ABOUT ANY SCENARIO WILL HAVE THEM -  And with proper brain power/computer expertise maybe something gets put together - maybe along these lines


10/21/2020 3:13 pm  #2

Re: Al's Proposal For 2020-2021 Season

Let's hope the season begins and finishes


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