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11/13/2020 3:29 pm  #1

Ladies Might Not Be Playing Pitt

On the Pittsburgh Sports Now site it notes that Pitt's Women's Team has added 3 games to the Non-Conference Schedule -  George Mason (???????)  Hofstra and Delaware -  It does not say if this is a complete Non-Conference Schedule but one could think if Duquesne WAS on the Schedule it could be noted -  Perhaps this is because it is DU's turn to host the game and the site could be up in the air and they could have said something along the lines of Pitt will also play against Duquesne at a site and date to be determined .... But a game against George Mason (who was picked for last in the league????)

I would figure (at least for this year) Harper would offer them the same deal he offered on the guys side - we'll play at your place for free (of course in THIS case the following game would HAVE to be at the Cooper Center)


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