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3/04/2021 5:10 pm  #101

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

MikeR wrote:

WashPaRick wrote:

Baker had a big game and I barely noticed it.

I thought he showed some smarts and poise playing with 3 fouls early and still being really productive.

He is a very talented player, he makes things happen and he is a freshman.


3/04/2021 5:17 pm  #102

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

Dukes412 wrote:

Wow what a game but that was a hard fought win and even better was seeing a guy in Golden who has torched us beyond himself on the bench. How many flops were taken by Richmond must be taught to fall down every three they take those were some bad calls and poetic justice that he missed all three at the end. But great coaching job KD let’s keep feeding our bigs they’re great when they get confidence. Thought we were done when we were down 14 but great work. Next up bonnies

A very good sign for the next game is that KD wants to push the offense to run the other team down and play lock-down defense.  This is the time to step up and run the opponents into the ground.  KD was right on with this team. I think with the Dukes deeper bench that KD plays, we can push the action to our favor against SB.


3/04/2021 5:25 pm  #103

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

DUQ 81 this one was for you!

Anyone have a link to Dambrots post-game presser?


3/04/2021 5:52 pm  #104

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)



3/04/2021 7:09 pm  #105

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

I never know what to make of his interviews. Feeling bad for Mooney? Why? That team flopped all day long and got the vast majority of the calls. Calling Schmidt one of the greatest coaches in the country. C'mon man. That dude and his assistants play the officials all game long to their benefit. I'm hoping and believe he delivers a different message to his team. 


3/04/2021 7:35 pm  #106

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

4 of these freshman are the best I've seen come through the Bluff in a long time.  Kudos to Acuff who coincidentally played the most minutes I think he has all year.  I guess we can win when Belechek doesn't get a lot of minutes Coach - play Acuff, he is the now and the future, but I still say get a seasoned quality PG from the Portal.  I also liked it when Acuff was at the point and TDM shifted to the 2 a bit.  Hopefully KD is done messing with the rotation as we see what happened in the first half when Maceo and Belechek (zero offense from both) were in the game at the same time - with Kelly I think - not a good combo, as noted by Dennis 91.  Speaking of Maceo, God I look back on the kid's first half of his freshman year and I was like this kid is going to be a star.  Now I understand the tragedy and personal issues he may be dealing with, but for crum sakes he doesn't even look to score now in any way.  No jumpers, no drives to the hoop.  As the GMan said it could be his confidence and I still think MA can be a real player, the setbacks just really hurt, but he still plays a good floor game.  Good to see Amari step it up in the second half.  I too think if not injured in the St. Lou game he could be way ahead of where he is now, but he shows you his length, rebounding and the nice left hand hook at the basket.  My rotation for the Bonnies would be 8 guys: TDM, Baker, Okani (practice those foul shots!), Marcus and Mike, with Acuff, Dr. Dre (tip of the hat to the Iron Duke) and Maceo.....AND THAT IS IT KD!!!


3/04/2021 9:07 pm  #107

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

I watched the first half before having to go in to work and just finished watching the second half. As we all have said, it's all about defense. I thought the defense was good in the first half, but we couldn't finish the possessions off with rebounds. Great defense in the second half. From 13:14 to 00:02 we held one of the most efficient offenses in the country to 1 for 12 shooting and 14 points. Baker is turning into not just the next Duquesne star, but a go to scorer already. TDM makes up for 35 bad minutes with clutch play to finish them off. None of that matters without the top flight defense though. I said at halftime the future of Duquesne basketball might start today. We'll see how things go tomorrow. We definitely will need Mike and Marcus to bring their A games to beat the Bonnies. The freshmen brought it today. We don't win without them. Acuff should be getting starters minutes. Baker is going from a star in the making to a star before our eyes. Okani struggled down the stretch, but he got us going when we really needed it. The ghosts are still alive. Keep it going Dukes. 


3/04/2021 11:10 pm  #108

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

Great win, but that one stretch where they made 6 0f 6 at the stripe (two of those three trips were from stupid stupid fouls)  and we missed one and TDM threw the ball away had me going, "Here we go again."

Vicimus Atlanticum decem

3/04/2021 11:12 pm  #109

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

stew wrote:

Did You See Golden?blubbering Whimp Whining And Having A Temper Tantrum On The Bench.heeeee Ssssuuuucccckkkksss

Yes, I was about to ask if he wanted some cheese with his whine.

Vicimus Atlanticum decem

3/05/2021 7:52 am  #110

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

     Thread Starter

3/05/2021 8:17 am  #111

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

PhoenixRising2 wrote:

Zac Weiss’ post game article on the Dukes victory.

The Dukes are fired up! Go get the Bonnies!


3/05/2021 8:46 am  #112

Re: Game Thread - Richmond Spiders (A10 Tournament)

Forgot to include Kelly in my rotation, so my belief is it should be the 8 mentioned above + Kelly for a total of 9.  Just sayin........Pistol Out  Go Dukes!!


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