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December 4- Duquesne @ Marshall - 7:00 PM (Saturday)
December 7 Duquesne @ DePaul - 8:30 PM (Tuesday)
December 11 New Hampshire @ Duquesne - 1:00 PM (Saturday)

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3/28/2021 6:54 am  #1

Dukes vs Bryant Today Preview March 28th 2021

The 3 and 0 Dukes visit Bryant today with a noon tee time and a chance to host the NEC championship with a win. The Dukes are in regardless and only have to worry about tie breakers if they should lose and only to determine where they would go to play in the championship.  Bryant is led by freshman QB1 Ryan Clark on offense who seems to be an OK passer but what concerns me  somewhat is there balanced rushing attack against our run defense. I do think our offense can score points and showed explosive ability last week with QB1 Mischler and  receivers Holder Henderson Isabella.RB  Garrett Owens is averaging 99 yards per game.Watch for Andreesen their MLB on a pretty stout rushing defense and remember LIU did beat them at home. I do think that the Dukes win!

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3/28/2021 12:34 pm  #2

Re: Dukes vs Bryant Today Preview March 28th 2021

So far so good at the halfback Bryant but they need to find some size on the D Line if they want
To win in the playoffs and with next years schedule.

Attitude is everything

3/28/2021 2:28 pm  #3

Re: Dukes vs Bryant Today Preview March 28th 2021

Way to go Dukes!  Gotta win the championship game and go 5-0 or else could lose out to a team with two losses.

Attitude is everything

3/28/2021 3:49 pm  #4

Re: Dukes vs Bryant Today Preview March 28th 2021

I have noticed this about these ESPN3 games with the NEC announcers.  There is always a little more enthusiasm in their voices for the full NEC member teams over DU.   Today, they spoke of the Bryant defense like it was the second coming of the Steel Curtain.  They flat out want the full member NEC schools to win. 

DU had the ball with a 3rd and 2 up 10 with 29 seconds left and the color guy was giving possibilities of how Bryant could still win.   I laughed out loud at that. 

I know Covid has wrecked this season. And I know nothing is normal or can be planned for.   But I found it amusing that no one knows when the championship game will be played or who the opponent will be.    The NEC is gong to make a secret tiebreaker to get whoever they think cam beat DU.   I would not be surprised if they came up with an all star team of the other NEC schools to send to Duquesne. 

The announcer said they had a two week cushion built in to the end of the season.   So we could be looking at the championship game in three weeks.   Or next week is if someone decides to opt out.

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