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December 4- Duquesne @ Marshall - 7:00 PM (Saturday)
December 7 Duquesne @ DePaul - 8:30 PM (Tuesday)
December 11 New Hampshire @ Duquesne - 1:00 PM (Saturday)

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3/30/2021 9:08 am  #1

NEC Championship Game April 11th


I do not know how they picked Sacred Heart understand the win percentage theory but teams that were 2-2 played an extra game over the Pioneers. I guess the NEC picked them based off them being the closest opponent we played. Hope the Dukes smoke them to show up the conference committee.


3/30/2021 11:56 am  #2

Re: NEC Championship Game April 11th

The NEC said that Wagner and Sacred Heart game would not be made because Wagner would not meet Covid protocol.    Meaning Wagner probably said we are 0-2 and we are done for this year.   Lol

At least they set a date.


4/03/2021 12:29 pm  #3

Re: NEC Championship Game April 11th

If they are just picking a team arbitrarily and are going by win percentage to do that, and are COVID conscious, and really want to send the best representative, they should should just send the Dukes.  It would be idiotic to send a team that the Dukes already beat if the bounces don't go their way.  The Dukes beat every team that they faced. 
The Dukes would STILL have a higher win percentage even if they lose!

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