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3/31/2021 1:43 pm  #1

My sincerest apologies

I posted something that wasn't true, based on something I saw on another medium.

Because of my friendship and respect for the individual, I'm deeply regretful for the post. I hope everyone will forgive me and continue to pray for our friend and fellow board member.


3/31/2021 2:12 pm  #2

Re: My sincerest apologies

I am so glad. Still praying and believing for God's perfect healing for our friend. I have known you for a long time, and you are a good man. I am sure everyone understands.


3/31/2021 2:25 pm  #3

Re: My sincerest apologies

100% Agreement, CLK.  Keep the faith, ElDuque.


3/31/2021 2:33 pm  #4

Re: My sincerest apologies

No need to apologize for showing brotherly love.


3/31/2021 2:48 pm  #5

Re: My sincerest apologies

Agree with all. Let’s just keep praying 


3/31/2021 2:52 pm  #6

Re: My sincerest apologies

 I really hope he had/has a chance to read all the fine things written about him

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