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Monday, December 18: Lebron James Center in Akron- Bradley vs. Duquesne - 8:00 PM according to DU site
Saturday, December 23: Duquesne @ Santa Clara 5:00 PM
Saturday, December 30: Cleary @ Duquesne 2:00 PM

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8/23/2021 1:56 pm  #26

Re: Touring the Coop

FAM wrote:

Vickroy...I understand your perspective...  Especially because they used most of the same seats.  But I am looking at it more as plastic surgery; a facelift...instead of just makeup!  A good portion of what was done was behind the scenes for the players and students.  Hopefully it will help recruiting.  When you use the same footprint for a building, there is only so much you can do inside of the building, especially when a basketball court is a basketball court.   Go Dukes.

I was really impressed with the facility.  The changes made will completely enhance the experience of going to a game.  I'm not sure how much i would support more of an upgrade than that anyway?!?  If the Dukes remain a middling A-10 program (which is a huge upgrade from the bottom feeder they were for so long)  it would be depressing to have a brand new, glorious, expensive arena at 1/4 capacity every night.  The enhancements they've made I believe are attractive enough to recruits that they will no longer be wooed away by better programs on that point.  If we lose a recruit now it will be due to other reasons.

It would have been extremely irresponsible of the  school to go bigger and more elaborate than they did at this point in the program's trajectory.  We have a beautiful new fieldhouse that i can't wait to get familiar with all winter.  A place the the men and women of the basketball program should and will be proud of to call homecourt.  Let's go Dukes!


8/23/2021 3:31 pm  #27

Re: Touring the Coop

All I know is there are 2 big screens and a concourse that looks like you can stand around and watch the game while having a drink and food and not have to eat from your lap.    New clean fresh colors, red and blue and white, not than brown and maroon anymore.   Windows!   Nice looking court.    
Only thing left to do is have 3500+ in there every game.   Thats TBD....

I'll see yinz there!


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