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9/25/2021 8:39 am  #1

Duquesne vs VUL

Good morning everyone and I hope you're able to get there today for the homecoming festivities. I have been unable to find much about this small HBCU team and who their best players are.  Hopefully we get a big win today and we get some good experience for some of the 2s and 3s but Ohio might have been thinking the same thing! Go Dukes


9/25/2021 10:56 am  #2

Re: Duquesne vs VUL

Had to try hard to find data in this team as well… they’ve won about 4 games in four years but play a schedule way over their heads.  Virginia University of Lynchburg became a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association NCCAA and is a former Baptist seminary school.

The Dukes probably scheduled this game thinking that they’d be too banged up after two FBS teams.   

The Dukes seem to be in ok shape other than at starting QB but they’ve found a great replacement there.

Other than the fumbled punt return at the end, the Dukes performed better than could be expected at TCU and  I’d have taken a 1-1 record beating the spread in both games.   That last give away TD to TCU made the score look worse than it was.  Giving up 30+ to TCU didn’t sound too bad and beating Ohio was a landmark win.

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