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2/13/2022 2:01 pm  #1

Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

Maybe the coaching staff should watch more Umass game film to learn how to get the offense to become more efficient.

Wide-open shots all day long for Umass and they dominated the paint. 

Meanwhile, for 3 quarters for Duquesne, it was pass the ball around the perimeter, very few attempts to penetrate the paint and try a mid-range shot, which was there for the taking.

Worst part of the broadcast was when the female announcer said that Burt told her the team they weren't going to do anything differently and just focus on staying healty.  This team needs to be taught to take advantage of the mid-range jump shot inside the paint.  Duqesne stands around too much and doesn't move.  

Somebody on this coaching staff needs to teach the team to shoot a mid-range, floater in the lane, instead of driving right to the basket into a charge, or just a bad miss.  Libby is the only one who looks to shoot a floater, mid-range shot, but nobody else does. Libby needs to shoot more and pass less.

Hamilton and McConnell's production would go up immediately if they took a mid-range shot.  

This team played two of the best teams in the conference at Dayton and Fordham and played so hard and then didn't bother to show up against the worst team in the conference on their home floor and then didn't bother to play hard at all today.

Instead of improving on those close games against the best teams, they stunk up the joint against a horrible GW team and then played like a jv squad against a talented and hungry Umass.team.

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2/13/2022 5:44 pm  #2

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

Like a broken record, same old same old. This is what you get with Burt-ball. No reason to believe it will ever change.


2/13/2022 7:35 pm  #3

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

Mr. Basketball wrote:

Like a broken record, same old same old. This is what you get with Burt-ball. No reason to believe it will ever change.

You mean "that guy" Who in his first 7 seasons - Won 20 plus games 5 times with a low of 18 -  had four post season bids and possibly a 5th (Don't know if they would have made the WNIT which was canceled before a field was selected) Graduates ALL of his players - several with multiple degrees???  


2/13/2022 8:22 pm  #4

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

Burt is paid to win basketball games. 

This team has no offensive flow.  Did you watch today's game?  Did you see Umass move the ball and get open looks all game?  Did you see Umass smother us because we did the same thing we always do, pass the ball around the perimeter and struggle to score?  

Al, are you satisfied with the team at this point of the season?  This team played so well against Dayton and Fordham and now they are falling apart.  The coaching staff is paid to develop players to make them better basketball players.  They should be instructing players to use the dribble with a purpose and pass with an effort to lead to an open shot.  This offense has no flow, to much standing around.  Too many missed opportunities by not taking an open mid-range jump shot when the foul line area is often open.

Graduating players is great and something to be proud of, but that's not what the coaches get paid for.  They are paid to win games.  


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2/14/2022 8:26 am  #5

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

DU90 -  Yes I watched the game -  YES I would like more wins at this point.

Anyone is free to post their thoughts/opinions at any time.

I find the timing of your posts kind of troubling --  In the seven years Burt has been here I don't recall too many posts of yours on the Women's side -  After two straight sub par outings You Bring the Hammer Down.

Here are a few thoughts -  Are "Stunk Up the Joint" and "Played Like a JV Team" kind of crude when directed to a bunch of 20 year olds?"

The team has played basically the entire season without 4 possible/probable contributors (Amanda, Lauren, Diamond and Olivia)  Dan has commented that he "needs to manage Laia & Halle's minutes which indicates they are probably not 100% -  Snezhana and Aniya (who admitedly have not played much have had games when they were in sweats - presumably unavailable.  Dan's comments about "getting the team healthy"  Could reflect the fact that THEY MIGHT NOT HAVE ENOUGH PLAYERS TO RUN A PRACTICE!!  I know the coaches do bring in some males for the ladies to practice against but there probably HAS to be times when they wish to practice 5 on 5 using 10 women so THAT CAN EXPEDITE THEIR DEVELOPMENT.

When the team beat a decent LaSalle team by 18 -  you commented "they should have won by 50"  A bit unrealistic??  DU has a visit to La Salle remaining on the schedule --  I cringe to think what you might post after THAT GAME.


2/14/2022 9:55 am  #6

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

Are you suggesting that based on the past success, the coaching staff is above criticism?  Yes the team made it to the NCAA Tournament 5 years ago.  Last year was a wash because of covid, but this year means a second year of double-digit losses.  We are trending in the wrong direction and that is on the coaching staff.  But holding on to the glory days without fixing the problems in front of us is how we got to where we are with the men's program. 

I do find it odd that instead of addressing my recommendations of how the coaching staff needs to do a better job by teaching offense through better ball movement, you choose instead to criticize me.  Yes, the team stunk up the joint and looked like a JV team yesterday.  And they did it on the national broadcast for all to see.  It was embarrassing to watch.  Again, you don't like my description of the game, but that's what you get when you are blown off the floor.  And that is entirely on the coaching staff which is responsible for getting the team prepared to play.  So no, it wasn't directed at the players themselves, it was directed at the coaching staff.  But clearly, you don't think any criticism is acceptable.  

Burt deserves all of the credit for the early success that was achieved, but we have failed to get back to that level of success and you must acknowledge that is on him as well.  I will also point out that every women's team in college is practicing against men these days, and I am quite certain this is no different at Duquesne.  And if we are the only school that isn't practicing against men, then why aren't we?  If we are not, then that is on Burt as well for failing to adjust to what is the current trend in women's basketball, which eliminates the excuse of not having 5-on-5 practices, like you are clinging to.

There are other ways to develop players that I will point out that will discount your lack of practice time which you stated.  First, watch game film.  Let me say again, that in watching this team, I have noticed a huge gap in our shot selection from inside the 3-point arc.  We have given up the mid-range jump shot in the paint, especially when it is wide open.  This could be easily pointed out in looking at game film.  You can't tell me that the team isn't watching game film, including the players that are injured. 

Second, individual coaching sessions.  There are a lot of coaches on this staff and given the number of injured players, individual instruction between players and coaches lead to expediting development.  This is where winning basketball teams are most successful, so that when the players get on the court, they are able to show improvement in their game.

I love the tenacity of Meg McConnell.  I wish she would develop a mid-range game in the paint, where she could be so much more effective.  Did you notice the PG for Umass yesterday drive the paint and shoot a floater and scored?  Later in the game when she did it again, we adjusted and she countered by feeding the post for a layup.  This is not rocket science.  If Meg added this to her game she and the post players would become so much more effective.  I hope someone can convince her over the summer to learn to take advantage of an open lane and use a floating jump shot in the off-season.  

Libby, shoot more.  You are the only one who seems to recognize the open space around the foul-line and somewhat willing to take the mid-range jump shot.  Please do it more.

I love the athleticism of Amaya Hamilton.  I had really hoped that she was going to start to string together some great games after the St. Louis game.  She seems to be too tentative and doesn't go aggressively to the basket.  She seems to fade away too many times instead of being set when she shoots a jump shot.  All of this can be corrected with coaching.  I love having her at the point of a press defense, but we hardly ever use it.  I understand that we have issues with depth due to injuries, but let's not wait until the 4th quarter when the game is out of reach to use it.  

I believe Precious Johnson should be starting and the guards need to get the ball to her when she is on the block.  Her offensive game has improved so much and would only get better if she was given more touches.  Instead, we tend to pass the ball across the perimeter and then Libby drives the baseline and gets caught, instead of trying to set up the post for a layup.  Same with Meg, using the open paint with a floater will open up the lane for the entry post to the post for a layup.  

I don't know what to make of Fatou Pouye.  I had so much hope for her because she brought an aggressiveness in the paint that we haven't had before.  Yet, she seems content to float around the outside instead of posting up hard, and making herself available for a post-entry pass. She could easily dominate in this league, but she doesn't seem interested enough to do so.  I recall Burt said earlier in the year in a post-game comment that he sat her because he didn't like her attitude.  All I can say is it is obvious why she is at her third school now.  I don't fault Burt for her lack of success at this point, since she is just a one-year player.

Lastly, you brought up the LaSalle game and right now, I expect that to be a loss.  I will point out that my statement for saying that should have been a 50-point win was because of our lack of execution against their press.  Instead of attacking it with the dribble, we chose to pass the ball to the sideline repeatedly where they were easily able to trap us.  It led to at least 2 10-second backcourt violations in the second half and delayed our ability to set up the offense.  Luckily, they were bad defensively in the front court and we were able to score.  I don't see that same success happening again, especially if we play right into their hands by passing the ball and getting trapped on the sideline again, because as we have seen, this coaching staff doesn't seem to make adjustments.

I am very disappointed with the injuries this year, it sucks, but that is part of the game.  At this point of the season, relying on injuries is a loser's excuse.  I have highlighted the outstanding effort against Dayton and Fordham, two of the best teams in the league.  Somehow, our depth issues due to injury where never brought up as to why we lost. I was also frustrated in the Fordham game when Precious Johnson took a pass in the paint and twice led with her elbow into the defender in the second half and wiped out 2 baskets.  This should have been addressed by the coaching staff, but still I liked the aggressive effort.  Again...it comes down to coaching.

My final point, this staff is not immune to criticism especially when the team gets run off the floor on national television.  I'm also tired of watching Burt complaining all game long to the refs, it is getting tiresome. 

After all, he is paid to win games.

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2/14/2022 11:13 am  #7

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

Thank goodness for people on the board who really get it like DU90. Versus those that live in the past and are full of excuses. Burt had some good won-loss years but the reality is that they were done agains mediocre A-10 teams. You can look it up and when they stepped up and played some good non-conference teams they got blown out. With respect to injuries, every team has them and it’s not like DU is missing All Americans. Maybe the success Burt had in those few good years are what has been leading to the program’s demise. He is trapped in a what worked them should work now mentality.College sports is all about what have you done lately and the direction the program is trending in. You need to look no further than what happened at LSU football. Coach wins the national championship and a year later he’s gone. Why, at the very least, can’t DU compete for the league championship every year. And why can’t DU be a mid-major team that good upper level teams don’t want to play because it’s a no win situation for them? It’s time to start a new area in women’s basketball on the bluff.


2/14/2022 12:26 pm  #8

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

INTERESTING that you can bring up LSU Football in a post on this board --  THEY HAVE HAD INSTANCES WHERE FOOTBALL PLAYERS ASSAULTED FEMALES --  AND WAS ESSENTIALLY IGNORED BY THE COACHING STAFF -  Maybe THAT is the kind of atmosphere you might want at DU. As long as the team is winning ...This was noteworthy enough that the USA Today kind of did a series about it.

Case in point about "Injuries"  Other than DU the one team I enjoy watching in the A-10 package is Davidson -  slightly underszied - play up tempo -  bigs try three's etc try to press -  teams try to pound it inside against them  Early last year they POUND Fordham AT Fordham ---  A few games later I notice their best player (Chloe Welch) on the bench in sweats --  Later in the season Fordham pounds Davidson at Davidson --  Davidson started like 6-2 in the A-10 - Finished like 3-6 (Don't have exact numbers)  SO MAYBE missing that many players should be a factor and the case of what one injury can do should be given some thought..  

DID you actually credit the performance or did you just throw it in there with the "after they played so well in those two games"  

You said the COVID can be a washout -  and "what have you done for me lately"  SO this ONE BAD SEASON is enough to "start a new era"  Well suppose DU does chose to go "in another direction"  How long will it take for a new coach to bring in "his/her players"  - Even with the portal - a couple of years?? -
Will he/she be able to maintain the success the present staff has achieved??  Or after one or two down years are you going to be asking "What has he/she done for us lately???  Are there really THAT MANY COACHES out there who you think will come to DU and meet this kind of criteria??

And you think the coaches "don't watch game film"???  You highlight ways etc.  that numerous players might improve --  I'm sure they watch a ton of film -  An old basketball coach once said "If there are 5 kids running around with my paycheck in their mouths - they better be the right five kids - so I'm sure the staff makes every effort to get the best out of each player - even if it doesn't "match up" with what YOU think is needed. 

So those that "don't agree" with what you think are someone who is living in the past - doesn't get it - and full of excuses"  Talk about personal criticism directed to someone.

Since I'm basically outnumbered in this thread --  I'll sign off --  I'll essentially discontinue posting here and leave the board to DU and Mr. Basketball.




2/14/2022 4:50 pm  #9

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

Sorry Al, but you seem to not want to accept any criticisms of this coaching staff.

I have no idea what point you tried to make on LSU assaulting females, but whatever it was you never made it clear as to what you wanted to say.  I'm going to assume you are trying to tie football player assaults with a coaching change.  Maybe that was a reason for the termination, but what Mr. Basketball seemed to point to was that some schools want to win and won't tolerate losing.  LSU went out and hired Kim Mulkey away from Baylor.  That is an example of being committed to winning.  I think we all agree that we want to see Duquesne be successful.  Since end of the 2019-2020 season when the team finished 20-11, the team's overall record now stands at 14-26.  This is a problematic trend and you don't seem to want to accept that the coaching staff bears responsibility with this record. 

How bad does the season have to end before you are willing to accept the fact that this coaching staff needs to make changes.  

I notice you continue to ignore my points about the offensive flow being stagnant, that the team fails to take advantage of the open space in the paint where they could shoot a mid-range jumpshot as opposed to a contested 3 or have a shot clock violation.  I also pointed out very specifics about the LaSalle game where we struggled and you made no mention of that, other than to complain about my criticisms of the team and coaching staff.  This team should have continued the upward trajectory after the very good games against Dayton and Fordham and instead have fallen apart.

Again, the coaches are paid to win games and you clearly do not want any criticism leveled at the staff which is insane.  The train is clearly off the rails.  Back to that record over the last 2 years, is 14-26 really acceptable this late in the Burt coaching era?  One bad year can be understood but we are in dangerous territory here as this is now 2 years in and this is now Hamilton and Johnson's third year in the program and they have not made significant improvement when they should have.  I fault the coaching staff and think they do need to be held accountable for this lack of development.  

I can't understand why you are so sensitive to criticism of the coaching staff, especially after the embarrassing loss yesterday on national television.  At what point do you accept the fact that this coaching staff is underwater and needs to be held accountable?  

Coaches are PAID to win games.

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2/15/2022 4:46 am  #10

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

I have been watching the Dukes since 1960 and the women’s program since it’s inception in 1974-75. The reason that I love basketball is that it is a complex game that can be played many ways. The winning team usually executes its system best. Basketball evokes our passions as fans. I know I root really hard for our Dukes since they are my school. Coaches know that they will be praised and criticized dependent on how the team performs. Injuries and luck are part of the game and may reduce competitiveness. But a coach must put his very best forward, and every coach knows that, no matter what their current circumstances may be. I watch a lot of hoops and in these Covid times, I think I see a trend in the better women’s teams, even in the A10. Better Teams are bigger, more athletic and take care of the ball really well. Fifteen years ago, I really liked the women’s game because the athleticism forced the game to be played with X and 0’s. It was a purer form of hoops. Now skill levels are rising and coaches must change with them. Multiple offenses and defenses must be played. Players years ago adapted to the coaches’ systems.  Now, coaches must develop systems to fit the talent. I see the Dukes running more this year - a good change. I see only one type of zone press - not so good. Everyone is trying hard. It is the changes in execution of the style that makes great coaching. The Dukes men and women's programs are at that point. Are we able to change with the times? Basketball is indeed a beautiful game!


2/15/2022 4:55 am  #11

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

I apologize for the heavy duty philosophizing with the last post. I do think that in the past few years the Dukes have missed the assistant coaching of Rachel Wojwodowski.

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2/15/2022 12:28 pm  #12

Re: Embarrassing 30-point loss to Umass

Hook Shot, I understand your premise about the game of basketball. I must add that what was left unsaid Is that the problem with the women’s team not only adapting to today’s game but also a systemic problem. I’m 75 years old and have followed DU basketball since my teens and the women since the start of the McConnell  era. I’m no expert but I did play college ball including a couple of games against DU back in the day. By a systemic problem with the women I mean that the entire philosophy is not good. On offense we play a European style which is to say a perimeter oriented style. On the defensive side the same philosophy applies which is devoid of toughness and aggressiveness. Both of these styles are a recipe for disaster. It is plainly obvious that the coaching staff won’t or can’t adapt. It’s a shame, DU should be competitive in a league like the A10. The university has made a high commitment in dollars and support and is getting no ROI. It’s time for a new direction in the women’s program and hopefully an end to things like the national embarrassment that took place the other day. I know Harper sees these problems and it is high time to step up and do the right thing


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