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2/15/2022 2:49 pm  #1

Possible Peace Offering

I am a CASUAL FAN (with Rose Colored Glasses as I previously admitted.) Have followed the men for 50 years (it IS the 50th Anniversary) the ladies casually during the Suzy Era - and seriously since we had our "Dream Team"  Here are some of my points: And the kind of things a casual fan like me might see.

Being a casual fan I would not think to address matters such as playing time/ player rotations/combinations/  Offense/Defensive Game Plans etc.  I presume other posters would be somewhat similar - and may have no background other than watching the games on television --  I'm sure Mike Tomlin, Coach Sullivan from the Pens could get their share of unsolicited advice --  I wondered if this was the case here.-  Mr Basketball and Hook Shot you do have significant backgrounds. And this applies to Dan from me  (and Drambot as well) on this site.

I used the Davidson example of the effect that ONE Injury could have to a team. As I stated they are second in the league on my "prefer to watch"  I have pretty much no clue how this might be happening among other teams in the league. I realize it is impossible for EVERY TEAM to stay healthy --  What it would be good  to see  is Team A beats team B -  because they are better or at least better that day --  Not because Team B had three players sitting out - or because Team B was in Covid Protocol and is playing their first game in XXX days 

In addition to the Davidson/Fordham example -- last year George Mason was winless in the league -- VCU won the league championship --  GMU took them to overtime in the regular season.  For years GW was at or near the top of the league - this year they are in the basement (and fired the coach prior to this season)  For years RI was at the bottom of the league - now they are near the top. U Mass was near the bottom - now they are a 20 win program.  DU has remained near the top before COVID.  So they had to be doing SOMETHING Right.  

With all the close losses at the end - perhaps fatigue factors in --  Megan and Libby play so many minutes --  Yet if they are given "the breathers" in the first half -  maybe instead of losing a 2 point lead - and falling by 3 -  they fall behind by 7 and narrow it to 2 at the end.  It's easy to say "coaching staff should have been prepared for that'  NO way to presume THAT MANY INJURIES.  I've never seen Lauren or Olivia play but is it dumb to wonder if  maybe having just one of the three (lLauren, Olivia, Diamond) who missed the season (not to mention Amanda who is obviously one of the top players) out there even if it was only for a few minutes each half would that have been enough to make some of the losses wins and maybe we're not having this discussion.

I saw a replay of the post game interview involving Megan and Libby after the GW game --  One point that they happened to bring up was "due to the injuries the team adjusted the offense in mid season"  Perhaps this is an indication that maybe the staff is making an effort to adapt to something else.  And I'm hoping the present staff has the plan and knowledge to bring the program back near the top.



2/17/2022 12:49 am  #2

Re: Possible Peace Offering

Al, no one appreciates the red & blue colored glasses than me and for a while last year, I wearing an oversized pair of them as well.  I realize you were passionate about the team and we need more fans like you, but please don't attack the messenger for pointing out the obvious flaws in the X's and O's of the coaching staff.

I chalked up last year for the disappointment that was covid and the injuries that started to plague the team.  I had a very hard time watching the game, can't remember which one it was, St. Joe's on the road I think, where we scored 0 points in a quarter, in the second half of a game, which is practically unheard of.  

Mr. Basketball and I have had some offline conversations and I was the one who was Burt's cheerleader, thinking this year the team would be so much better.  Yes, the injuries have been very unkind to the women's team, but they are part of the game and coaches must accept that fact and must get the players who can play to be ready to step on the floor and execute the offense and play hard on defense to make up for the player attrition to injury.

I was very hopeful this year we would see the progress of Hamilton and Johnson where they were going to shine in their third year in the program.  I was also hoping to see a healthier Walker make a difference this year.  I wasn't expecting much from Olivia given that she is a true freshman, but I was hoping to see solid play from Lauren.

I was most excited for Diamond as she really turned the corner later in the season and became a solid guard that was capable of beating the defense off the dribble.  I felt her ability to penetrate the lane would set up a big year for our post players.  

But injuries happen.  Have to move on and keep getting better.  Yes, the season is winding down and the bumps and bruises are taking their toll, but still, the team should be coming together and playing their best basketball of the season.  I really believed this team was headed in the right direction after the Dayton and Fordham games, which is why the loss at home to GW was so disappointing, the team had lost its momentum and played down to the talent of GW instead of playing their best.

I still think the coaching staff needs to be accountable for the disaster in Amherst over the weekend.  That result was not acceptable and to play that poorly and get embarrassed on national television, it is a bitter pill to swallow.

The last few weeks will give us an idea of what next year will be like and if the coaching has improved at all.  This staff can't afford a third year of double-digit losses so if they aren't coaching for next year now, then we need some new coaches. 


2/17/2022 8:32 am  #3

Re: Possible Peace Offering


Before the COVID Season --  I would post a brief summary after just about (if NOT EVERY Game)  It would be a brief one and in addition to the score/leading scorer (s) I would try to post ONE other positive -  Perhaps one player did a nice job shutting down someone on the opposition -  Perhaps someone did a really nice job on the boards -  Very seldom was there more than one additional post. Stopped doing it because I asked myself - Does anyone care?

Basically I agree with almost Every One of your player analysis --  For example I think Amaya with her athleticism has probably the most "upside" in the program. With her size and strength am hoping for more from Precious 

I DO remember the scoreless quarter against St. Joes.  

I know I've harped a lot on the injuries - and do understand they are part of the game -- BUT take FOUR players from ANY PROGRAM --  Even a Top 10 one  (I don't want to use U Conn as my example because Geno PURPOSELY limits the size to 10 or 11 because he feels he can't give them the attention if he used all 14 scholarships) -  Have them play basically an ENTIRE SEASON with them missing ANY 4 players.  And this doesn't include the fact that players like Laia, Halle are having their minutes monitored -- and that Snezhana and Aniya have spent time in sweats.

I'm also aware of the fact that If Libby and Amanda had not missed so much time last year - perhaps Megan and Tess would not be as advanced as they are --  The plan was to originally redshirt Megan possibly Tess - when last year became a "free year" and not count against a players eligibility plan was obviously scrapped.

It's been said the Best thing about Freshman is they become Sophomores --  Olivia was listed as a Top 100 player and the ONLY ONE from Western PA --  Usually a Top 100 player is at a Real Power --  Heck I'm Skeptical of that # given that another player (Groesch from North Allegheny was Player of the Year in both the Trib and PG--  But can't help but wonder how much she COULD have contributed - given the lack of depth. -  In THEIR freshman seasons Amaya and Libby made some contributions.

GW is presently on a four game win streak  --  I think the A-10 as a whole has so many teams that are relatively close in talent -- Know this was not known when this thread was started  but at the end of the season maybe this loss won't be viewed in such a negative matter. 

U Mass was #49 in the Net Rankings when the game was played --  Team did have a Clunker -  but is too much emphasis being placed on the fact that it was nationally televised --  EVERY team in the A-10 is guaranteed one game in that Sunday CBSSN package --  DU happened to draw one of the better teams -- on the road --  on their Senior Day -

Would the reaction be the same IF the DU-LaSalle game had been our ONE game on the CBSSN package and the U Mass game was on the ESPN+ package like all the others??

Finally one last thought about "double digit losses" etc.  Team was scheduled to play 30 games - plus an A-10 tournament -  Cornell is out so the figure drops --  Say the team goes 18-12 --  while NOT up to the previous standards would an 18-12 season be unacceptable - make us change the coaching staff -  worry about the philosophy etc??


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