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2/17/2022 6:59 am  #26

Re: Game Thread - George Washington University Colonials (H)

1 for 21 from the 3 point line. You could probably throw up 21 blindfolded 3's and have 2 of them bounce in. Good news is everyone but Larson can come back next year.


2/17/2022 8:41 am  #27

Re: Game Thread - George Washington University Colonials (H)

Just the facts… How bad is Duquesne?  They are last in a league in which NOT ONE team is in the AP top 25… not one.  So the league isn’t that strong this year and we are a bottom team there.


2/17/2022 10:41 am  #28

Re: Game Thread - George Washington University Colonials (H)

I realize there was a lot of chatter on this board last fall about how KD said this was his best team yet and word from people's sources who were at the practices said he wasn't bluffing, we'd have five players who could beat the opposition off the dribble, at least two point guards on the floor at all times, lack of size wouldn't be an issue because we'd be creating matchup nightmares all over the floor, a team tailor-made for the era of position-less basketball, etc., etc. So now that this team has flopped so badly, it must all be on the coaching staff. True, the team isn't showing much progress from game-to-game, still too much 1-on-1 play, they don't defend like past Dambrot teams.

But I think by now, it should be clear that the players aren't really good enough to compete in this league. This team would struggle to win in the America East for crying out loud, as the UNH game should have made clear, and would be a bottom feeder in the MAC, as the Bowling Green game made clear. Fordham and GW are A10 also-rans, yet both were bigger, more physical, more athletic and just flat out better than Duquesne. Who on Duquesne could start for GW last night? I'm pretty sure nobody. And it's funny, the one poster on this board who said last fall, not so fast, this team has more questions than answers, they're too small, there were too many swingmen on the roster, it's not clear who would play what position or role, is now being called a homer and a koolaid drinker. 

By all means, blame it on Dambrot and staff, but not because they forgot how to coach but because they've whiffed so badly on recruiting. Which, as Wildwood has so graciously been pointing out for the last year or so, they've pretty much been doing since they've been here (Bizeau, Swingle, Wade, Roesing, Buckley, Ellis, Miller, etc.) And the players they hit on--Williams and Carry basically--wanted out. (I know, I know, Lamar Norman's putting up big numbers this year, but he's just the go-to guy on a really bad team). Once they ran out of players they knew well (Hughes, Weathers, TDM), the bottom fell out of the program, which is where we are now. I hope no one's too attached to these kids because most of them need to find homes in the NEC, America East, Horizon, Big South, etc. next year. 


2/17/2022 10:57 am  #29

Re: Game Thread - George Washington University Colonials (H)

I do think that individually there is talent on this team.  But, collectively it is a different story.  Ernie Shavers once said "different fighters make for different fights".  This was his explanation for the unanticipated outcomes in heavyweight matchups - Frazier beats Ali (1st fight), loses to Foreman (2nd round), Ali takes out Foreman in 8.  Composition matters, particularly in a team sport like basketball.  It seems to me the present composition of the Dukes is comprised of too many 'finesse' players.  Ayers and Easley are not very physical.  Williams is the closest.  But, even he scores mostly with spin moves and hooks around the basket.  You don't see lobs, breakaways or slams with this team.  I've watched a few SMU games where Marcus Weathers is a beast.  He has great hands, catches the ball in traffic low in the post, and when double teamed can power his way through for a slam.  I hope that next year one or two players of this type can join the team to restore some balance.


2/17/2022 12:01 pm  #30

Re: Game Thread - George Washington University Colonials (H)

CLK, you said it all.  You watch though, we will hear about all the studs Dambrot is bringing in next year.  Please take me out of my misery.  Pistol out!!!  


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