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2/20/2022 1:56 pm  #1

Great halftime adjustments by the coaching staff!

I was very frustrated watching the first half at the lack of defensive effort and standing around on offense.

Boy the adjustments made at halftime were the difference and the coaching staff deserves the credit.

First, we went inside to start the 2nd half and that made a big difference as the success in the paint opened up the perimeter where the 3's rained the rest of the game.  

I loved the defensive adjustments in the second half, taking away the dribble-drive from Johnson and even more importantly, switching to Bovell to guard her in the 4th quarter.  The announcers talked about how explosive she is in the 4th quarter and switching to a bigger defender made all the difference in the world.

The team played hard on defense and it led to a lot of success, forcing turnovers and just hitting the open shots as a result of good ball movement.

I love Pouye's inside game and would prefer she shoot less 3s, but when she got hot, it was icing on the cake.  I think she left a few points on the floor, but overall, she played a 2nd half like she wanted to prove a point - that she was the best player on the floor.  Need to see more of that!

Loved Amaya's determination in the 2nd half.  She can be such as explosive as Pouye, but she tends to fade away too much.  She attacked the basket in the 2nd half and it made the difference as her confidence grew.

Tess Myers' 2nd half shooting was so big.  Teams know she can shoot the 3 and will continue to make her the number one player to stop on this offense, but with Pouye and Hamilton playing as effective as they did in the 2nd half and Libby shooting foul-line mid-range jump shots, Myers will get open looks.



2/20/2022 2:01 pm  #2

Re: Great halftime adjustments by the coaching staff!

I hope someone captured the halftime discussion by the coaching staff and they play it on a loop for the team to watch over and over on the bus trip home from Olean!

This team can win the next 2 games and finish 8-8 in conference and can possibly win one or even two games in the tournament, IF we continue to play hard on defense, move the ball inside out for open looks.  Duquesne can be dangerous when the shots are falling.

Play like the way the team played in the 2nd half today rest of the way and keep it up!  

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