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2/25/2022 12:08 pm  #1


Would like to send a Positive Shout Out - to the Graduating Seniors --  To Halle, Libby, Fatou and Laia -- Congratulations on a Job Well Done -- Thanks for the Positive Memories you have Provided.

Ideally they go out on a winning note.

To Amanda --  I'm aware no decision has been announced --  Some could think you want time to start earning $$ based on the COVID Situation --  some could think that in the five years on campus you've accumulated enough credits that one more year might not really matter --  In the middle she can be thinking How will my knee feel in 8 months or so - On the other side she can be wondering -- Do I want my career to end like this --  I can play one more year why not have more fun? (and this doesn't encounter all the ideas perhaps her decision will be based on something else)

If no one enters the Portal - 2 scholarships are available -- If Amanda decides to leave the number becomes 3 -- As a FAN -- I'd like to see you in a DU Uniform -- FULLY HEALTHY for  the 2022-2023 season.


2/26/2022 10:53 pm  #2


Congrats to all of the seniors as they are first class student-athletes.

Agree about Amanda, one can only imagine how this year had turned out if she had not suffered the ACL last year.  


2/27/2022 8:05 am  #3


Want to add -  Diamond Bragg was also honored prior to the game --  She could have played two more years had she chosen.  It was mentioned in a VIDEO by Dan that she has secured employment with MBNY -  Before coming to DU - Diamond was very active in her community and she had some sort of foundation/non-profit group that she put together.  So a SHOUT OUT to Diamond and SHE will be missed as well.


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2/27/2022 9:29 am  #4


What a quality group of kids! All with degrees, most with Masters. If the injury bug didn’t strike them, we would be talking about their amazing basketball success as well as their amazing skills as students and as tremendous  individuals. Congratulations to each and continued success in the endeavors they choose!


2/27/2022 7:22 pm  #5


Thank you Al on the update to Diamond Bragg, I was wondering if she was not returning next year as she was wearing her uniform jersey yesterday.  I am sorry to see her leave without playing another game.  I really was hopeful that she would have a break-out season.  As the season wound down last year, her improvement was obvious and I think with her on the floor this year and of course a healthy Amanda Kalin, the offense would have been more efficient.  

A lot to be proud of for the women who have come through here and made their mark on the court and earned multiple degrees.  



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