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3/05/2022 3:31 pm  #1

Coach McCann update

Just FYI everyone Coach McCann has a birthday March 13th and is in a nursing home in Zelionople. His daughter Valerie has suggested sending a birthday card if anyone is so inclined and I know that it would be appreciated by the family!The address is :
Coach Dan McCann
Passavant Reitirement Community
105 Burgess Larkspur 328

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3/07/2022 1:51 pm  #2

Re: Coach McCann update

lWhatever became of one of his assistants who played for him and was also a coach.  I don't remember his last name but his first name was Terry.

Sorry for no last name.


3/08/2022 4:10 pm  #3

Re: Coach McCann update

Thanks for the query FAM and I believe that you might be thinking of the great Terry Russell who is still around Pgh and doing well! Terry Russell started for Point Park baseball under Frank Gustine and also Point Park freshman basketball before  Coach McCann
convinced him to  transfer to Duquesne to play football and baseball. Terry started for the 1973 National championship Dukes and was QB1 the following season. He also started at shortstop for the Dukes baseball team earning Athlete of the Year honors and ultimately the Duquesne Athletics HOF for football! He served as Head Coach during the late 80s and assistant coach for well over 35 years mostly running backs. He continues to support and attend Duquesne football and hoops games  today! Terry might be my number 1 all around athletic teammate, but an even better friend!

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3/09/2022 9:19 am  #4

Re: Coach McCann update

Thanks JJM, yes, that is who I was wondering about.


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