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Monday, December 18: Lebron James Center in Akron- Bradley vs. Duquesne - 8:00 PM according to DU site
Saturday, December 23: Duquesne @ Santa Clara 5:00 PM
Saturday, December 30: Cleary @ Duquesne 2:00 PM

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4/11/2022 8:32 pm  #1

Signing Period Starts Wednesday April 13th

And runs to May 18th. We have 5 commitments 2 HS players, 2 Prep players and one JUCO so far. My guess is that we will add at least 3 more players. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.


4/11/2022 9:00 pm  #2

Re: Signing Period Starts Wednesday April 13th

CLK as I've note I have some serious reservations about undersized guards that didn't get any real mid-major interest.  We are not pulling a Calvin Murphy out of the hat here.  Also, as noted by Iron Duke, if we still have guys on scholarship who are not A-10 players then what the hell are we doing!!! 


4/12/2022 7:28 am  #3

Re: Signing Period Starts Wednesday April 13th

Listen, I know that we value large guards, but we shouldn't sleep on Rozier.  He is a very good guard who played on a talented team.  He was absolutely clutch during their playoffs, shoots a good 3 ball, has a great handle,.and passes well.  TDM did fine and from what I can tell, Rozier's court vision is miles better than him, and he doesn't look as streaky either.

"You have to be realistic about these things."  - Logen Ninefingers

4/12/2022 8:10 pm  #4

Re: Signing Period Starts Wednesday April 13th

I’m fine with Rozier; if the kid can play; I don’t care if he’s 5’8”No problems on offense; the big test will be defense.  I remember UMBC had 5’5” guard with a pony tail that made us look stupid on the way to an easy victory over the Dukes.  BTW UMBC would later, beat #1 Seed Virginia in the NCAA Tournament!


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