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4/25/2023 8:33 am  #26

Re: Andrei Savrasov Commits To Duquesne

Ironduke81 wrote:

Maybe Savrasov’s jersey number will #71 just like the guy across Forbes Ave that skates for the Penguins. Great pickup👍

It’s funny that I also thought of Geno when I heard that Andrei committed here. Unfortunately, NCAA rules prohibit the numbers 6, 7, 8 or 9 being used on a uniform. He could pay homage to Sergei Gonchar wearing 55. He has worn #12 throughout his college career, but that Dukes number is retired (Dick Ricketts).


4/25/2023 11:34 am  #27

Re: Andrei Savrasov Commits To Duquesne

I really like Andrei.  He brings experience and great basketball skills to the Program. Not to mention that he seems to be such a well rounded individual.
If he really is 6-8 233 as the PSN article states he could play the 3-4-5 although the 3 is probably his best fit for us.
He really can score in multiple ways, either back to the basket and facing as well as an accomplished 3 point shooter. His stats suggest he is an excellent rebounder also which we lacked last year.
Welcome to Duquesne Andrei. Its going to be fun watching you and the team succeed.
Go Dukes

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