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Wednesday, December 6: Duquesne @ Marshall 7:00 PM
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Monday, December 18: Lebron James Center in Akron- Bradley vs. Duquesne - 8:00 PM according to DU site.

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6/18/2023 1:23 pm  #1


6/18/2023 1:42 pm  #2

Re: What a mess at WVU

You would think there is a good chance RE gets a shot at Head Coach, at least this year.


6/18/2023 2:37 pm  #3

Re: What a mess at WVU

From the grapevines, I would be surprised if he would want it.  The grapevines have said he has had some health problems and being a head coach certainly isn't going to help anyone.  But you never know.

On a side note.  Dambrot, if anything is loyal.  I'm sure he has already talked to Huggins about the situation.
The heck with basketball, I hope he gets some help.  He was fired from cincinnati because of the same issue and didn't even know what city he was in Friday night.  Thank heaven he hurt no one and he didn't get hurt.



6/18/2023 7:23 pm  #4

Re: What a mess at WVU

Had I known he was stopping at the Washington Burger King I would have bought him a Whopper.


6/19/2023 7:55 am  #5

Re: What a mess at WVU

WVU does have a PG who could transfer and not sit out, a 5th year guy.   But he makes a lot in NIL, assume if he did leave, it would be for a big program with loaded pockets.   I wonder if NCAA would grant their players a waiver to transfer considering the situation?   Could open Pandora's box.


6/25/2023 8:24 am  #6


6/27/2023 1:43 pm  #7


7/02/2023 10:43 am  #8

Re: What a mess at WVU

Ron Everhart not part of coaching staff at WVU. He will transition to director of community relations and player outreach,



7/08/2023 10:34 pm  #9

Re: What a mess at WVU


7/09/2023 7:45 am  #10

Re: What a mess at WVU

By resigning he gets nothing.
If fired, he probably has a buyout clause.
I see one of those 'settle out of court' deals.


7/09/2023 9:45 am  #11

Re: What a mess at WVU

After reading the piece, my opinion is that Huggins has no case. And after all those years at a presumably very ample salary, this claw-back attempt is just another layer of embarrassment. He should not be going there.


7/09/2023 12:29 pm  #12

Re: What a mess at WVU

Bob Huggins aka Otis Campbell is a shameless drunk who will embarrass himself and WVU. even more.


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