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1/13/2024 11:13 am  #1

Some Questions

-Given his current mobility limitations & Dayton's "5 out" offensive scheme, why did Mahorcic continue to be assigned to guard Holmes 22' from the basket? (Especially after noting that Necas did a good job of guarding Holmes for a decent stretch in the first half?)

-Why is Barre still starting?

-Who plays their starting center 4 minutes in a game without foul trouble or an injury issues while getting "mauled" inside?

-Jake was the Duke's lone bright spot in this game. Why not hear from him at the post-game presser?

-Rozier has taken only 10 FTs all season, is shooting 38.4% from 2pt range, playing 30.5 minutes per game, only shoots 3s when wide open due to his size, has 6 offensive rebounds in 15 games, & is averaging less than 3 assists. How much energy do opposing defenses have to expend on a player like that? Does this allow those defenses to load up on Dae Dae & Jimmy for a lot of those 30.5 minutes?

-Why start Tre Williams, get solid offensive post play & fundamentally sound defense from him, & then  play him only 11 minutes?


1/13/2024 11:29 am  #2

Re: Some Questions

If I were Rozier, I would seriously consider portaling to the best program in a lesser conference where his size & average athleticism would be less of a disadvantage.

His skills, physical strength, leadership qualities, & intangibles would likely lead to a bunch of wins & minor stardom that he is unlikely to realize as a Duke.

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