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Md. E. Shore - Thursday, Dec. 13 - 7:00 PM Home/Palumbo
Maine - Sunday, Dec. 16 - Noon - Home/Palumbo
Penn State - Wed. Dec. 19 - 7:00 PM - Home/PPG Paints Arena
Eastern Kentucky - Saturday, Dec. 22 - 2:00 PM - Home/Palumbo

Duquesne Women's basketball
November 2018

Wednesday, Dec. 12 vs. UCF - 7 PM Palumbo Center
Sunday, Dec. 16 vs. East Tennessee - 2:30 PM Palumbo Center DH

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8/21/2018 1:38 pm  #1

Palumbo will host 2019 WBB Championship

Per Athletic Department announcement.


8/21/2018 1:42 pm  #2

Re: Palumbo will host 2019 WBB Championship

Great timing to be the host this upcoming season. Hopefully they'll have an at large bid assured if they do not win the A10s but it can't hurt having the tournament on your home court, especially when you should be a contender.


8/21/2018 7:51 pm  #3

Re: Palumbo will host 2019 WBB Championship

This is great!  I'm also hoping an at large will be in the bag by tournament time and this can only help.  I have to think that the athletic department's experience hosting NCAA events was a big influence on this.


8/22/2018 11:37 am  #4

Re: Palumbo will host 2019 WBB Championship

Wonderful to have the quarter finals, semi's and finals @ the Palumbo Center.  Although the team is familiar with the court, the rims, and will get the benefit of sleeping in familiar surroundings the night before a game,  the Palumbo will (sadly) be more like a neutral court for opponents.

Now imagine 1,500-2,000 rabid Dukes fans cheering for the team rather than 700.  That (conservatively) translates to an extra 7 point home court advantage.

The team and program deserves better.  AD Marketing has not done the job of increasing the visibility of the program in the greater Pittsburgh area and bringing in more fans.  I have long recommended the establishment of a Duquesne Women's Basketball Fan Club comprised of passionate Dukes fans to promote the team.  Who our there supports this idea?


8/22/2018 1:47 pm  #5

Re: Palumbo will host 2019 WBB Championship

Count me in, Sperlman!

Last edited by HookShot (8/22/2018 1:48 pm)


8/22/2018 5:35 pm  #6

Re: Palumbo will host 2019 WBB Championship

HookShot wrote:

Count me in, Sperlman!

Hey 'Hook Shot' - THANKS!  Anyone else?  I think we would need a core group of 4-5 folks to get something started. I do not live in the Pittsburgh area but I will lend my support and ideas and be a part of the core group.

I have already sent an email to Coach Burt (who knows me well), letting him know I wish to help.

I think a brief proposal (recommending a fan club, its goals and primary activities), to Coach Burt and the Athletic Director might be a starting point.  Your thoughts?  Let's do this before the season starts!



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