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Women's Next Game - November 2021

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Men's Basketball » 2 teams of Dukes » Yesterday 6:54 pm

Bilgy wrote:

There was a coach at Uniontown  HS names Abe Everhart, Jr.  He employed a full court press and had two teams.  The first team pressed hard and built up a lead, then the second team came in and finished the job by exhausting the opponent.  The second team was the "wrecking crew".  He had the athletes to employ this defense.  Maybe it can be tried by Duquesne.


I remember Abe Everhart very well and that '64 team. In particular a game at Uniontown against visiting McKeesport featuring Bill Reilly, a great shooter who played for Duquesne the next year. Uniontown jumped off to their usual lead with their panic press when Reilly and Les Robertson started to find their shot. Reilly drove the lane and was muscled into the wall under the basket by Pat Yates and broke his arm. End of season for Reilly and McKeesport won 18 games instead of whatever they would have won with him. Bill was averaging around 25 per game when he was lost to the team. As you can tell I've never quite got that game and Pat Yates out of my craw! Oh well!  GO DUKES!!

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