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10/23/2016 3:28 pm  #1

Soccer updates: Weekend of 10/23

It was tough scheduling for both Duquesne teams this week, as both had a midweek game, and then only a 3 day turnaround, and the women had both games on the road.

The women's team played in UMass on a rare Thursday afternoon game. They took one point in a tie on the road, which is normally good. But when you're playing the worst team in the A10, who had previously not won a single time in 7 A10 games, not a good result.

The ladies turned around and laid an egg today, losing 2-0 in Rhode Island. (URI, for the record, is also not very good and will probably not make the 8 team A10 playoffs either). 17 shots made, 7 SOG, but none went in. It was Duquesne's first and only loss away from home all year, as they finish their road campaign at 6-1-2, which is otherwise extremely impressive.
Saint Joseph's7-0-1 22p

George Mason6-2 18p

Saint Louis5-1-2 17p

Duquesne5-2-1 16p. The Dukes have clinched a spot in the A10 tournament

Fordham4-1-3 15p

George Washington4-2-2 14p

Dayton3-3-2 11p

Richmond3-5 9p

VCU3-5 9p

This is the top 8 of the A10, and every team has 2 conference games left. Duquesne has got Dayton on Thursday and LaSalle (11th) on Sunday, both at home. The conference is very top heavy, to me, so maintaining a top 3 seed is key, but unfortunately Duquesne has eliminated itself from winning the regular season championship.

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10/23/2016 3:38 pm  #2

Re: Soccer updates: Weekend of 10/23

The football team, women's soccer team, and women's volleyball team all had weeks to forget this week. But men's soccer made a huge move.

On Wednesday, the Dukes hosted George Mason, who had previously not had a single point in A10 play (all losses, no wins or ties). It was an extremely entertaining game. George Mason took the lead twice, at the 18' and 49' minutes, and the Dukes responded at the 46' and 81' minutes. The second goal by Larson was an unbelievable goal, truly. And Duq's goalie made some phenomenal saves.

On Saturday, Duquesne beat St. Joe's in Philly 2-0. Duquesne's D has been a strong point this year, and after faltering badly on Wednesday, was solid on all accounts. Wins on the road are monumental when there's only 8 games in a season.
Saint Louis6-0 18p

Duquesne3-1-2 11p

VCU3-2-1 10p

St. Bonaventure3-3-1 10p

La Salle3-3 9p

Saint Joseph's3-4 9p

Massachusetts2-1-2 8p

George Washington2-2-2 8p

Fordham2-1-1 7p

Dayton2-3-1 7p

Rhode Island2-4 6p

Here are the top 12 teams, with the top 8 making the A10 postseason. St. Louis has clinched the regular season title, and its a huge logjam in the middle, but Duquesne is on top of everyone else in second place. They play in Dayton on Saturday, the Dukes final road game of the year. Dayton is surprisingly bad this year but historically have always had our number

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10/23/2016 4:24 pm  #3

Re: Soccer updates: Weekend of 10/23

The men's team seems to struggle to score sometimes, as they do not have a natural striker on the team. However, they seem to control possession and dictate the game almost every time out. If they can find a goal scorer, the future looks bright as this team is relatively young


10/23/2016 5:18 pm  #4

Re: Soccer updates: Weekend of 10/23

Pretty accurate. Almost every game I've watched at home (VCU being a recent, notable exception) the Dukes have the possession advantage--often by a significant amount. On top of that, their D is solid and Evan Kozlowski I think is extremely good in GK. The big struggle is on corners and finishing shots in general.

I hate myself for loving you. Quoting me without the expressed written consent of the National Hockey League is prohibited.
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